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Bridal Saree Look: 11 Best Bridal Saree Ideas for a Stunning Look 2024

By Diadem

19 Mar, 2024

Bridal Saree Look: 11 Best Bridal Saree Ideas for a Stunning Look 2024

"The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage" is a famous quote about marriage by William Lyon Phelps. Achieving the perfect bridal saree look on her wedding day is the ultimate desire for every bride. From their inception, approximately 2800 to 1800 B.C., to the present day, sarees have remained an integral part of Indian bridal attire. Through its evolution, it continues to captivate new-age brides who seek a connection to their traditions on their wedding day. Exploring the 11 best bridal saree looks, we'll spotlight brides hailing from various regions across India in this insightful blog post from Diadem. Let's begin!

Decoding Bridal Sarees: The Rise of Traditional and Modern Bridal Sarees

Traditional Bridal Sarees 

The iconic bridal saree, cherished and passed down from our mothers, retains its eternal appeal even in this modern era. With vintage and royal style influences back in style, who wouldn't want to display a touch of noble elegance along with a breathtaking bridal saree look? If your answer is “yes,” explore two major traditional wedding sarees for brides who seek tradition with sophistication.

Kanchipuram Sarees for Bride for a Traditional Bridal Attire 


Originating from the temple town of Tamil Nadu, our Kanchipuram bridal sarees are best known for their superior-quality silk and captivating craftsmanship. Our bridal sarees are characterised by their bold and vibrant colours and traditional motifs infused with nature, temples, and mythology. Brides exclusively from Tamil Nadu treasure our Kanchipuram bridal sarees, confident they'll achieve the perfect south bridal look in their marriage.

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Banarasi Bridal Sarees for a Beautiful Saree Look for Brides 


Crafted in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, our Banarasi bridal sarees are a hallmark of Indian craftsmanship. Heavy zari work in gold and silver, elaborate patterns, and luxurious silk fabric set our bridal sarees apart. Featuring motifs like floral designs, Mughal-inspired art, and other attractive designs, our Banarasi sarees are esteemed treasures, coveted by modern brides desiring a breathtaking bridal look in saree.

Modern Bridal Sarees

Modern brides are redefining tradition, opting for unique drapes, styles, and vibrant colours to craft their unique bridal saree look. This spirit of innovation has birthed new bridal saree looks and styles as contemporary brides aim to make their special day truly unforgettable with a great Indian bridal look. 

Designer Bridal Sarees for Different Wedding Events 


Ace up your style game with our super-luxurious designer sarees featuring fancy designs and unconventional draping styles. Our designer sarees steal the show with their unique presence. The voguish blouse cuts elevate the ensemble to the next level. Our designer sarees are the perfect choice to elevate the bridal saree look during key wedding festivities like reception, sangeet, or mehendi.

11 Beautiful Indian Bridal Saree Looks

1. Bridal Saree Look for Tamil Brides


Hold onto your excitement because we're about to talk about the Tamil bridal look! Pure Kanchipuram bridal sarees are like the ultimate bridal saree option, stealing hearts with their rich texture, lively hues, and detailed gold zari work. These sarees are more than just bridal attire; they're like a journey through Tamil Nadu's cultural ancestry and artistic brilliance. So, when a Tamil bride steps out in one of these beauties, you know it's going to be a sight to behold!

Bridal Saree Colour Suggestions: "Which colour saree is best for marriage?" is a common query among brides from any region. To answer that, one can opt for rich red sarees, emerald green, blue, and maroon, adding a regal touch to their bridal saree look. Some modern Tamil brides prefer softer pastel tones or unique combinations to express their individuality.

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2. Bridal Saree Look for Punjabi Brides


Stay amazed because Punjabi brides are stepping into their wedding moments in Silk sarees. These sarees are a classic choice for Punjabi brides, known for their exquisite bridal attire. With breathtaking embellishments like intricate zari work, sparkling sequins, and vibrant thread embroidery, it's a bridal attire that's bound to make jaws drop and level up their bridal saree look to the next level.

Bridal Saree Colour Suggestions: Rich hues such as red, royal blue, deep green, and regal purple are the best choices for a perfect bridal saree look, as they exude elegance and signify auspiciousness in Punjabi culture.

3. Bridal Saree Look for Bengali Brides


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Get ready to be blown away because Bengali brides know how to elevate their bridal saree look like nobody else. It's all about their selection of Banarasi silk and Tussar silk. These fabrics are like a work of art with their fine workmanship, intricate motifs, and embroidery that's just jaw-dropping. And you know, what's the cherry on top? It's all about honouring Bengal's rich tradition while still showcasing each bride's unique style in the most fabulous way possible.

Bridal Saree Colour Suggestions: To achieve an ideal Bengali bridal saree look, one can opt for colours like gold, pink, red, and maroon, which symbolise joy, purity, and prosperity, whereas pastels offer a modern touch to their bridal attire.

4. Bridal Saree Look for Telugu Brides


You wouldn't believe the range of options Telugu brides have when it comes to picking out their bridal saree fabric. It's not just Kanchipuram silk, they go all out with fabrics like Pochampally and Gadwal, each with its special weaving style and cultural flair. And let us tell you, the craftsmanship in these sarees is off the charts, highlighting the bridal saree look of the Telugu brides.

Bridal Saree Colour Suggestions: Vibrant colours like red, green, and gold are famous options among Telugu brides; they represent prosperity and auspiciousness, which enhance your bridal saree look effortlessly. 

5. Bridal Saree Look for Kashmiri Brides


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The Kashmiri bride's ensemble is incomplete without the timeless elegance of a Pashmina saree. Originating from the Himalayan region, these bridal sarees are handcrafted with delicate embroidery and intricate motifs inspired by Kashmiri culture. The softness and warmth of Pashmina give them an ideal bridal saree look, displaying sophistication and grace at your wedding. 

Bridal Saree Colour Suggestions: For a Kashmiri bride, rich jewel tones like deep burgundy, emerald green, brown hue, and royal blue are top picks; softer hues like blush pink and lavender also make better options to get a stunning bridal look.

6. Bridal Saree Look for Maharashtrian Brides 


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Imagine this: Maharashtrian brides are getting ready for their big day, and what do they choose to elevate their Indian bridal look? Yep, you guessed it! Maharashtrian brides don the radiant nine-yard saree, celebrated for its rich hues, elaborate designs, and plush texture. Paithani sarees are native to Maharashtra and represent elegance and legacy. They wear these sarees on their wedding day for a perfect bridal saree look, which symbolises tradition and charm.

Bridal Saree Colour Suggestions: Consider colours like vivid magenta, deep red, auspicious yellow, royal blue, or dreamy pastels that elevate your Maharashtrian bridal look in saree. 

7. Bridal Saree Look for Manipuri Brides


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Let's talk about the epitome of elegance: the Manipuri bride in her Phanek and Innaphi ensemble. The phanek, typically woven from cotton or silk, displays intricate motifs and vibrant colours, while the innaphi, made of fine silk, adds grace with its delicate texture, making it a perfect bridal saree option to consider.

Bridal saree colour suggestions: Consider traditional colours like pink, which symbolises femininity; serene green, which represents nature; and regal purple, which represents sophistication.

8. Bridal Saree Look for Malayali Brides


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Ever wondered what makes a Malayali bride stand out on her wedding day? It's all about the Kasavu bridal saree. With its timeless charm and golden borders, this traditional bridal attire captures the essence of Kerala's heritage. Every fold tells a story of elegance, making it ideal for Kerala brides who want to shine as cultural brides on their special day.

Bridal saree colour suggestions: White represents peace, red symbolises auspiciousness, and royal blue, which adds a touch of sophistication, are the best colour options that give the brides a perfect bridal saree look.

9. Bridal Saree Look for Gujarati Brides


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Let's talk about the secrets of Gujarati bridal beauty! It's all about those breathtaking sarees: Bandhani, Patola, and Kutch embroidery. These aren't your normal fabrics; they're a symbol of heritage and grace. Just picture the bride draped in one, radiating confidence and tradition with every step. Well, that's your secret trick to elevating your bridal saree look. 

Bridal Saree Colour Suggestions: Classic colours like red, deep pink, royal blue, and gold convey grace and elegance, while traditional colours like red and white stand for love and peace for the bride-to-be.

10. Bridal Saree Look for Kannada Brides


Have you heard about Mysore silk sarees? They're like a treasure from Karnataka, especially adorned by Kannada brides. These sarees display elegance with their intricate designs and smooth texture. Wearing such an enticing bridal saree on your big day? It's like wrapping yourself in a piece of tradition and luxury, adding that extra sparkle to your wedding, and enhancing your bridal saree look.

Bridal Saree Colour Suggestions: Pastel colours evoke elegance, while colour tones like green, red, and gold represent prosperity for a Kannada bride.

11. Bridal Saree Look for Rajasthani Brides


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Hold up! Let's talk about Rajasthani brides and their love affairs with beautiful Bandhani sarees. They don't just consider these sarees as any other garments; they consider them a fusion of trendiness and tradition. With their lively colours and intricate patterns, they're more like a canvas of cultural richness. Overall, the saree's classic elegance gives it a stunning bridal saree look.

Bridal Saree Color Suggestions: One can go for vibrant red colours or rich maroon, which represent auspiciousness and passion. Conversely, royal hues like deep green, pink, red, or royal blue radiate elegance. With touches of gold or silver, pastel colours like orange add a hint of opulence to your bridal look.

Quick Tips for Brides to Achieve an Ideal Bridal Saree Look 

Consider Your Wedding Theme: Traditional weddings call for rich fabrics and heavy embroidery; modern weddings embrace bold colours; and beach weddings opt for lightweight fabrics and minimalistic motifs.

Deciding on the Skin Tone: Consider harmonising with your unique skin tone and overall wedding theme for a radiant and satisfying bridal saree look on your wedding day. Consider colours like red and maroon, or opt for contemporary hues like pastels or gold.

Trial Sessions: Conduct trial sessions to finalise your optimal bridal saree look. This will greatly help you make any necessary modifications and guarantee that you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

Backup Plan: Always have a backup plan in case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as wardrobe malfunctions or last-minute changes. Keep a spare bridal saree handy to avoid any kind of wedding-day mishap.

Expert Advice: Seek guidance from experienced designers who can provide valuable insights and assistance in selecting the perfect bridal saree look tailored to your preferences.

Coordination with Groom's Attire: Coordinate your bridal saree choice with your groom's attire to achieve a harmonious look as a couple. This could involve matching colours or complementary accents to enhance your overall aesthetic when you're standing together.

Stay True to Your Style: While it's essential to consider the latest saree trends and advice, stay true to your style when choosing your bridal saree. Select a saree that resonates with your individuality and makes you feel authentically yourself at your wedding.

Matching Accessories for a Mesmerising Bridal Saree Look

Without a doubt, accessories are vital for achieving your perfect bridal ensemble. Here are some essential additions that enhance your bridal saree look:

Hairstyles and Makeup: Complete your bridal saree look with either traditional bun hairstyles or contemporary loose curls, paired with makeup options spanning from classic red lipstick to winged eyeliners.

Jewellery: Elevate your bridal saree look with either traditional gold or modern diamond jewellery pieces, including earrings, maag tikka, bangles, and necklaces.

Footwear: Complement the bridal saree and occasion with your choice of traditional juttis or modern heels for the perfect finishing touch.

Bridal Saree Maintenance: How to Store Sarees for a Long Time?

Handling and Storage: Handle your bridal saree with clean hands, avoiding pulling or tugging on delicate threads. Store it in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Ironing: Use a low-heat iron to press the saree, being cautious not to directly iron embellishments or delicate embroidery.

Professional cleaning: Entrust your bridal saree to a professional dry cleaner for deep cleaning or tough stains


With all eyes on you, from the engagement ceremony to mehendi, sangeet, and haldi, choosing the right bridal saree is of utmost importance. At Diadem, you can find a broad range of exquisite bridal sarees, ranging from traditional to modern designs, ensuring you find the ideal bridal attire for any of your wedding festivities. Our curated selection includes a vast array of colours, fabrics, and styles, ensuring you find the right bridal saree look that matches your vision. Whether you prefer classic elegance or modern sophistication, we’ve got the perfect bridal saree for you. So, why wait? Make a stunning impression on your wedding day with the perfect bridal saree look from Diadem. Check out a myriad of saree-related topics to enrich your understanding in our blog section!