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10 Lehenga Colour Combinations in Trend in 2024 | Best Lehenga Colours

By Diadem

23 May, 2024

10 Lehenga Colour Combinations in Trend in 2024 | Best Lehenga Colours

There are abundant colours for lehenga, allowing women to make smart decisions after a thorough exploration of the ongoing lehenga colours in trend. However, did you notice that there is a surge in the love for mix-matching and playing with different colour combos? Keeping this new trend in mind, it is only understandable if we try it out for our upcoming event. Isn’t it?

So in this blog, we will discuss the various trending lehenga colour combinations and what makes them a desirable colour combination considering their unique charms whether you are planning to create a fashionable look for an upcoming occasion by trying to understand the lehenga colour in trend or just want to be at your fingertips when it comes to fashion and trends. 

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1. Green with Orange Lehenga Colour Combination

If you are someone with a burning love for vibrant colours and magnified looks, then green with orange lehenga colour combination might be the ideal one for your taste. This is the latest colour combination for lehenga and is trending for its unconventional colour combo. The green exudes a subtle charm whereas orange goes all-out with its liveliness striking a perfect balance of beauty. 

2. Red Lehenga Colour Combination

Red comes to our mind when we think of lehenga looks for an extravagant wedding. Isn’t it? But gone are the days when red alone stole the limelight at weddings and other parties. The current trends favour looks that contain red as the base lehenga colour with other colours such as yellow, blue and white spread throughout the lehenga. Whether you are a veteran in fashion or a newbie, a red lehenga choli colour combination is what you should opt for. 

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3. Mehendi Green with White Lehenga Colour Combination

An underrated or rather unknown lehenga colour combination has to be this gem - Mehendi green with white, a simple lehenga colour combination. The soft and glowing visuals of this colour combination for lehenga choli are often overlooked. The serene vibe and the sharp looks the colour carries are something that can elevate the aura of lehengas to another level. The white sequins work and the mehendi green colour being the base, makes it the best lehenga colour. 

4. Lavender with White Lehenga Colour Combination

Lavender colour lehengas have begun to take over the fashion scene in recent times with brides and guests opting for lavender lehengas. To add more character and a heavenly vibe, opt for lavender with a white lehenga colour combination. The white floral embroidery all over the lehenga creates a classy yet youthful look, making it one of the best colour lehenga combinations for evening events. 

5. Multi Colour Lehenga Combination


The latest lehenga colour in trend in 2024 is the multi-colour lehenga. Perfect for casual parties, events and summer weddings, this multi-lehenga colour combination has been rocking the fashion scene lately. The floral prints in a diverse array of shades featured in this lehenga carry the essence of summer outfits. Overall the laid-back charm of this look makes up for the perfect colour combination for lehenga choli.

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6. Yellow with Gold Lehenga Colour Combination 

Yellow with gold lehenga choli colour combination is a universally loved combo for events such as festivals, parties, weddings and receptions. With a yellow and gold colour combination of lehenga, you can never go wrong. The vibrancy and flamboyant nature of yellow enhances the appeal of the lehenga whereas gold infuses a sparkling effect to this best lehenga colour combination. 

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7. Peacock Blue with White Lehenga Colour Combination

If your type of fashion is to go all extravagant and opulent, then go for this peacock blue with white lehenga colour combination. The thread work and sequins work are subtle on the choli and grand on the lehenga, creating a balanced lehenga look. White and peacock blue colours do exceptionally well as the best lehenga colours for weddings, receptions and parties. 

8. Peach and Dark Brown Lehenga Colour Combination

Peach colour for lehenga has always been a thing for women for all kinds of events. Now imagine pairing it with dark brown - Hands down it will be the best contrast colour lehenga look. We can already see an enchanting look coming our way. Isn’t it? The peach colour with its ethereal charm and the dark brown with bold vibes merge and ooze a charm that is refreshing, distinct and aesthetic. If you want to stay on par with current trends, then go for this latest lehenga colour combination. 

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9. Teal Green Lehenga Colour Combination

Who says you can’t be quirky with your choice of lehenga colour combination? Literally no one. So why not break the usual and try something unconventional?  This teal green with pinkish shades is the exact definition of being quirky and fun while still exuding a mischievous charm. This can be the apt choice if you are looking for a simple lehenga colour combination, as it does not go over the top with the look and offers a subtle charm. 

10. Light Brown Lehenga Colour Combination

If you are a bride then experimenting with colours for lehengas can often feel unsure and unsafe as it is the big day for you. And you definitely can’t mess it up. But this light brown lehenga colour can be the absolute perfect bridal lehenga colour combination with its different colour floral designs, creating a spot-on look. With its simplicity and elegance, you can pick this latest colour combination for lehenga without any second thoughts. 

Which Colour Lehenga Suits Dark Skin?

Lehengas in rich jewel tones like deep red, emerald green, royal blue, and vibrant shades of purple and magenta complement dark skin beautifully. Additionally, earthy tones like burnt orange, mustard yellow, and deep maroon can also look stunning on dark skin tones. Choosing colours with depth and vibrancy helps create a striking contrast and enhances the natural beauty of dark skin.

Which Colour Lehenga Suits Light Skin? 

Lehengas in soft pastel shades like powder blue, blush pink, mint green, lavender, and peach are ideal for light skin tones. These colours complement the fair complexion by adding a subtle and elegant touch to the overall look. Additionally, metallic shades like silver, gold, and champagne also enhance the radiance of light skin tones, creating a glamorous and sophisticated appearance.

Lehenga Colours Trending in 2024

Selecting the right lehenga colour after a thorough consideration of the trends is crucial to creating a look that steals the spotlight and makes you stand apart from the crowd at any and every event. Yes, understanding the colours that best suit your skin tone is necessary but studying the trends and finding a middle ground to create a look that is balanced is just as important. So here are the popular lehenga colours that are trending in 2024:

  • Peach Colour Lehenga

  • Navy Blue Colour Lehenga

  • Blush Pink Lehenga

  • Mehendi Green Colour Lehenga

  • Lavender Colour Lehenga

  • Mustard Yellow Lehenga

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1. What jewellery to wear with lehenga?

The lehenga look can enhanced to another level by adorning oneself with traditional Indian jewellery like jhumkas, maang tikka, and bangles. To complement the outfit beautifully you can choose a specific jewellery type to suit the lehenga perfectly. 

2. How to style a lehenga?

Style a lehenga by pairing it with a contrasting blouse, adding a statement dupatta, and accessorising with a waist belt for a regal look with a modern twist. 

3. Which hairstyle suits the lehenga?

Hairstyles like a sleek bun with floral accessories, side-swept curls, or a messy braid work well with a lehenga, enhancing the overall elegance of the attire.