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White Sarees

White Sarees


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Buy White Sarees Online at Ashirah by Diadem

White sarees are often associated with the essence of subtle opulence, purity, simplicity and elegance that holds a unique ethereal charm, making it impossible for anyone to not steal a glance at the saree at least once. Contrary to the common misconception that white sarees online have limited designs and collections, at Ashirah by Diadem we offer a vast array of white saree designs and fabric varieties waiting to be discovered by all saree lovers. 

Each white saree at Diadem tells a unique story through its fabric, be it the luxurious drape of satin, the delicate sheen of netted fabric, or the crisp elegance of crepe. These fabrics not only offer a distinct texture but also cater to diverse tastes and occasions, ensuring there's a perfect match for every style preference.

Our collection goes beyond traditional notions, incorporating specific embroidery and embellishments that align with contemporary trends. From intricate threadwork to elaborate embroidery and sequin patterns, our white sarees showcase a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and modern sophistication and create endless possibilities for creating distinctive looks. 

What truly sets us at Ashirah apart is our commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Every white saree undergoes a meticulous crafting process, where skilled artisans pay attention to every detail, ensuring impeccable finishing and exceptional durability.

White Saree Fabrics

1. White Net Saree 

The sheer white net saree fabric embodies the beauty of embracing both glamour and elegance with confidence. 

2. White Organza Saree

White organza sarees with designer borders and enticing patterns all over the body are a perfect fabric pick for white sarees for high-end events.

3. White Satin Saree

White satin sarees are popular for the rich and elite look they hold while still managing to exude simplicity in the most subtle way possible. 

4. White Georgette Saree

White georgette sarees are perfect for parties to ooze understated charm and elegance with their signature crinkled look and flowy fabric.

5. White Crepe Saree

White crepe sarees are popular among women for being crisp in nature and aesthetic in appearance.

White Sarees Designs & Works 

1. White Sequin Saree

With beautifully sewn tiny and shiny embellishments. white sequin saree is sure to sparkle and let you shine on all occasions.  

2. White Floral Saree

White floral sarees, with their strategically placed floral patterns all over the saree, are considered to be both a traditional and trendy pick for formal and festive events.

3. White Saree with Beads

Whether beads are adorned all over the saree or placed on borders and sleeves alone, white sarees with beads exude a unique mix of ethereal charm and grandeur.

4. White Saree with Stripes and Dots

White sarees, whether adorned with striped patterns or dots, both radiate distinct charms perfect to steal the show at all occasions and events.

5. White Embroidered Saree

White sarees with heavy embroidery carry a more magnificent look whereas subtle embroidery exudes a royal charm, a perfect white part wear saree pick.

How to Style a White Saree 

1. White saree with contrast blouse: Pair your white saree with a contrasting blouse in a bold colour like red, blue, or black to create a striking visual contrast.

2. Statement Jewelry: Opt for statement jewellery such as Kundan, pearls, or antique gold pieces to add a touch of glamour and elegance to your white saree look.

3. Modern Draping Styles: Experiment with modern draping styles like butterfly drape, lehenga style, or dhoti style to give your white saree a contemporary twist.

4. Hairstyle and Makeup: Style your hair in an elegant updo or loose curls and complement it with a natural makeup look or a bold lip colour, depending on the occasion.

5. Clutch or Potli Bag: Carry a stylish clutch or potli bag in a coordinating colour to keep your essentials handy while adding a chic element to your outfit.