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Pure Silk Sarees

Pure Silk Sarees

Indulge in the luxury and exquisite craftsmanship of pure silk sarees from Ashirah Silks. Cherished as family heirlooms, our pure pattu sarees are ideal for weddings and special occasions. When you buy pure silk sarees online from Ashirah Silks, you're investing in a timeless masterpiece that will ensure you look magnificent for years to come. Discover our exclusive collection today:

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Authentic Pure Silk Sarees at Diadem: Wrap Yourself in Royalty

A pure silk saree, a symbol of elegance and luxury, is among the most treasured pieces in every Indian woman's wardrobe. Each type showcases unique weaving techniques and unparalleled beauty, from pure Kanchipuram silk sarees to pure Banarasi silk sarees. 

Perfect for engagements, weddings, receptions, parties, and other ceremonies, our latest pure silk saree designs are more than attire; they're woven with Indian heritage. The tradition of shopping for pure pattu sarees has become a joyous and convenient experience online at Ashirah by Diadem. 

Don't delay! Explore and shop the finest and 100% original pure silk sarees in Chennai, all at the best prices, only at Ashirah Silks.

Discover Pure Silk Saree Varieties Available at Ashirah Silks 

At Ashirah Silks, pure silk sarees come in a myriad of variations, each with its unique allure and appeal. Let's explore a few:

Pure Kanchipuram Silk Sarees 

South Indian craftsmanship reaches its pinnacle in our Kanchipuram pure pattu sarees, celebrated for their vibrant hues and elaborate gold zari detailing.

Pure Soft Silk Sarees 

Pure soft silk sarees at Ashirah Silks are cherished for their lavish feel, intricate craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. They epitomise grace and elegance, making these 100% pure south silk sarees an ideal choice for special occasions.

Pure Crepe Silk Sarees 

Know for their opulent touch, graceful drape, and timeless elegance, our collection of crepe pure silk saree designs ensures comfort and durability, a mix of traditional craftsmanship with modern sophistication.

Pure Tissue Silk Sarees 

Celebrated for their lustrous sheen, airy texture, and graceful drape, pure tissue silk sarees are ideal for special moments, reflecting their fine artistry and ageless beauty.

Pure Satin Silk Sarees 

Offering a luxurious sheen, smooth texture, and elegant drape, our satin pure silk saree design can be your best option for memorable occasions, bringing enduring sophistication and comfort to wearers.

Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees 

Banarasi pure silk sarees, originating from Varanasi, are renowned and celebrated for their rich brocade motifs and striking colours.

Pure Patola Silk Sarees 

Hailing from Gujarat, our pure patola silk sarees are known for their double ikat weave and geometric patterns that make them a top option for women. 

Pure Tussar Silk Sarees 

Pure tussar silk sarees from Ashirah Silk are famous for their natural textures and earth-inspired colour tones, displaying simplicity and elegance.

Pure Chanderi Silk Sarees 

With their rustic charm, our pure Chanderi silk sarees are cherished for their versatile nature, making them appropriate for both formal and informal gatherings.

Pure Chiffon Silk Sarees 

A contemporary take on classic silk, our chiffon pure silk sarees are light in weight and drape elegantly, making them perfect for evening gatherings.

Pure Organza Silk Sarees 

Admired for their sheer elegance and finesse, our organza fabric pure silk saree is a perfect option for sophisticated gatherings.

From Casual to Formal: Versatility of Our Pure Silk Sarees for Various Occasions 

Pure Silk Sarees for Wedding Functions 

Pure silk bridal sarees at Ashirah Silks display tradition, making them ideal for wedding functions, engagements, and receptions. For such an auspicious occasion, rich Kanchipuram pure silk sarees for brides, known for their intricate zari work and vibrant colours, are a topic choice, symbolising grace and prosperity.

Pure Silk Sarees for Farewells and Office Parties 

For farewell events and formal events, our Tussar pure silk sarees offer a blend of style and professionalism with their natural gold sheen and subtle embroidery. When it comes to these occasions, our printed pure silk sarees or designer pure silk sarees are your way to go.

Pure Silk Sarees for Casual Gatherings  

Both casual gatherings and family gatherings are best complemented by the light weight pure silk sarees, aka Georgette or Chiffon pure silk sarees, known for their sheer texture and fine zari work. For such casual get-togethers, our floral-printed pure silk sarees can be ideal options to opt for.Experience the Brilliance of our Pure Silk Sarees in Dazzling Colours 

1. Red Pure Silk Sarees for a Classic Touch 

Experience the allure of our red pure silk sarees, perfect for those who want to grasp the spotlight. Crafted to captivate, our pure silk saree designs in red hues promise a breathtaking presence at any gathering or celebration.

2. Green Pure Silk Sarees for a Graceful Presence 

For pujas and other auspicious occasions, our exquisite green pure silk sarees from Ashirah Silks are highly revered. Featuring a spectrum of green shades such as peacock green, mint green, pista green, etc., you're sure to find the ideal pure pattu sarees in green hues to complement your special event.

3. Pink Pure Silk Sarees to Elevate Your Style 

Pink pure silk sarees from Ashirah Silks epitomise subtle grace and timeless elegance. Pink, traditionally perceived as a cool colour, becomes a captivating choice when matched skillfully with warmer skin tones. 

4. Black Pure Silk Sarees for a Regal Look 

Discover timeless grace with our beautiful black pure silk sarees at Ashirah Silks, which are meticulously crafted with rich silk fabric and unmatchable craftsmanship. Ideal for occasions, these latest pure silk saree designs blend contemporary style with traditional charm, ensuring you exude effortless royal charm wherever you go.

Best Tips for Perfectly Styling Your Pure Silk Sarees 

Master the Art of Silk Saree Draping

Mastering various draping techniques is essential to styling your pure silk sarees effectively. 

Experience traditional Nivi, Bengali, or Dhoti styles to find what suits your body type and enhances your silhouette.

Focus on Pure Silk Saree Blouse Designs

While many pure silk saree designs come with matching blouses, experimenting with contrasting blouse designs can add a modern twist to your ensemble. 

Explore various necklines, embellishments, and sleeve lengths to find which blouse design for pure silk sarees works well.

Enhance Your Look with Thoughtful Accessories

Accessories play a major role in elevating the elegance of original pure silk saree designs. 

Choose traditional jewellery, like bold necklaces or temple earrings, to complement the richness of the fabric. 

Shop for Pure Silk Sarees at Ashirah Silks for a Luxurious Drape!

Ashirah Silks has quickly become a trusted name among customers in Chennai and beyond, renowned for its unwavering commitment to delivering pure pattu sarees of unparalleled quality. 

Each of our pure silk sarees is unique, guaranteeing that wearers radiate style and elegance like no other. 

Our user-friendly online store simplifies your pure silk saree-buying process with intuitive navigation, convenient payment choices, and prompt delivery services. 

Discover and shop our exclusive collection of the latest pure silk sarees online at Ashirah Silks today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Pure Silk Sarees 

1. What Makes Pure Silk Sarees More Appealing Compared to Other Sarees?

Original pure silk sarees are highly regarded for their lavish feel, beautiful craftsmanship, and enduring elegance. Compared with other fabrics, silk has a natural sheen that adds a royal touch to any of your attire. Pure silk sarees feature traditional motifs and intricate designs that make your special occasions even more memorable. 

2. How to Determine the Exact Pure Silk Saree Cost? 

Pure silk sarees at Ashirah Silks are available in various price ranges. The cost of pure silk sarees normally depends on the type of silk, embellishments, patterns, etc., and we offer 100% original pure silk sarees at competitive prices. For a worthwhile investment, consider our classic Kanchipuram pure south silk saree or a royal Banarasi silk saree, which are known for their lasting allure and value.

3. How Do I Maintain the Durability of My Pure Silk Sarees?

Proper care for your pure silk saree is highly important to preserve its longevity and beauty. Clean your pure silk saree design with more care in order to prevent damage to its delicate fabric and avoid exposing it to sunlight for lengthy hours. Finally, store your pure pattu sarees in a breathable fabric bag to protect them from moisture, dust, and other potential threats.

4. How Do I Buy Pure Silk Sarees Online?

You can explore an exquisite collection of the latest pure silk sarees online at Ashirah Silks, where elegance meets impeccable quality. Discover our wide range of colours, designs, works, and prices to find your desired and latest pure silk saree design. Ashirah by Diadem is a trusted brand known for premium Sarees, Salwar Suits, and Kurti Designs. Our dedicated team is available to guide you via phone or chat (+91 91500 74439, +91 91507 22290, or +91 91500 87767) to ensure a seamless pure silk saree shopping experience.