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Personal Seasonal Colour Analysis

Find your perfect colour palette with our personalised colour analysis

Enhance Your Features With An Expert Colour Analysis

Enhanced Personal Style

Know your ideal colour palette to select clothing and accessories that highlight your unique beauty and help you find your personal style.

Effortless & Simplified Shopping

Shop smart with a tailored colour palette. Easily select items that suit you, save time and money, and build a versatile wardrobe free of unused clutter.


Complementing Natural Features

Effortlessly transform your overall appearance with the right set of colours that enhance your natural features and skin complexion.

Personalised Fashion Identity

Develop a fashion identity that truly reflects your personality and style. Curate an authentic wardrobe with colours that add a distinctive flair to your fashion choices.

What Is Colour Analysis?

Colour analysis is a personalised process that identifies the colours best suited to your skin tone, hair, and eyes. It determines your ideal colour palette enhancing your natural features, simplifying shopping and helping you build a cohesive wardrobe that reflects your unique style and personality.

Our Colour Analysis Process At Diadem

Being the only place for colour analysis in Chennai, at Diadem, we have a detailed colour analysis process.

Step 1: Skin Digitizer

Our process begins with advanced skin digitization technology. This tool precisely measures the pigment and brightness of your skin, providing accurate data for colour analysis. By understanding your skin's unique characteristics, we ensure that the colour analysis is tailored to your individual needs, resulting in personalised recommendations that enhance your natural beauty.

Step 2: Analysis

The next step is where we conduct a thorough analysis of various colour aspects. This includes assessing the hue, undertone, and colour spectrum complementing your skin tone, hair, and eyes. We categorise colours into your best, second-best, and worst palettes, guiding you towards shades that harmonise with your features and personal style.

Step 3: Recommendation

After the colour analysis, with the results obtained, we will provide personalised makeup recommendations. Our experts suggest the most flattering shades for your skin, lips, and nails, ensuring that your makeup enhances your natural beauty, and features and complements your colour palette seamlessly.

Step 4: Report

You will receive a comprehensive report detailing your colour analysis findings. This report acts as a guide, helping you make informed fashion and beauty choices that align with your colour profile. With this detailed information, you can confidently navigate through different seasons and occasions, always looking your best.

Awards & Certifications

Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

Awarded as the emerging entrepreneur at Dubai by Actor Shriya Saran and Major Omar Marzooqi on March 2024 for showing excellence in the designer bridal wear fashion sector

Best Bridal Brand

Awarded in Tamil Nadu by Times Now in 2023 for providing exceptional collection in Bridal wear range

Thangathaaragai award

Presented to Ms. Shiny by News 7 for the best costume designer category for her beautiful, hand designed collections showcased at Diadem

Times Power Women

Awarded by Times of India in the category Fashion Designing creative art and culture for the year 2021

Global Women Entrepreneur Award

Recognised for being a successful entrepreneur and for her exceptional leadership skills in managing her fashion brand, Ms.Shiny was awarded for her entrepreneurial skills in 2020


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