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Ashirah by Diadem is your one-stop shop for Pure Tussar Silk Sarees and Semi Tussar Silk Sarees at the best prices. We understand the deep-rooted appeal of Tussar Silk and our collection features a wide range of stunning Tussar Silk Sarees that suit every celebration with style. Check them out now:

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Experience the Timeless Elegance of Tussar Silk Sarees at Ashirah by Diadem

Finding a perfect women's ensemble that speaks volumes without uttering a word can be quite challenging. Yet the enduring grace of Tussar silk sarees at Ashirah by Diadem is a statement of style that truly commands attention and captures hearts. Whether it's a grand event or a laid-back outing, our collection of Tussar sarees ensures effortless sophistication, much to your delight.

Origin of Tussar Silk Sarees

Tussar Silk Sarees also termed Kosa Silk Sarees, find their origin in the silk extracted from Tussar silkworms. The Tussar fabric is widely used in crafting sarees, blouses, and dupattas; its hallmark softness and longevity make it a most sought-after choice. With their natural golden glow and luxurious texture, traditional Tussar sarees stand out as a much-cherished choice in Indian attire.

Benefits of Choosing Tussar Silk Sarees

Breathability and Comfortability

Designed to be lightweight and airy, our pure Tussar silk sarees provide exceptional comfort, especially in warm and humid weather conditions.

Cultural Significance

Deeply embedded in Indian culture, our Tusaar sarees are often decorated with handwoven designs, emphasizing the country's rich heritage and traditional artistry.

Durability and Strength

With their remarkable durability and resistance to wrinkles, our Tussar silk sarees (semi Tussar silk sarees) ensure long-lasting quality and impeccable appearance, even with regular use.

Versatility Factor

The versatility of Tussar silk sarees allows them to be worn at a wide range of events, from lavish ceremonies to casual outings. This makes them a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

Diverse Patterns in Our Tussar Silk Saree Collection

1. Tussar Silk Sarees with Floral Designs

The floral design of Tussar silk sarees offers a charming appeal, displaying delicate blooms that exude grace and femininity. Ideal for weddings or formal gatherings, this design can be styled with minimalist jewellery and a sleek hairdo for a sophisticated look.

2. Tussar Silk Sarees with Flower Motifs

The flower motifs add understated glam to our Tussar sarees collection, perfect for both daytime events and evening parties. Pair it with pearl accessories and a soft updo to enhance its ethereal beauty and elegance.

3. Tussar Silk Sarees with Leaf Motifs

The leaf motif offers a refreshing twist on traditional designs, symbolizing sheer elegance for those who wear it. Embrace nature-inspired elegance by pairing it with earth tones and organic textures for an ethereal, fashionable look.

4. Tussar Silk Sarees with Stripe Patterns

For a modern take on pure Tussar silk sarees, the striped pattern offers a contemporary edge. Whether with bold bands or thin pinstripes, this design adds sophistication to sarees. Keep accessories minimal to let the striking pattern speak for itself.

5. Tussar Silk Sarees with Geometric Designs

The geometric design combines intricate patterns with clean lines for a sleek and modern aesthetic. Play up its structured appeal by pairing it with relevant accessories and a sleek ponytail, perfect for any occasion.

Discover Tussar & Semi Tussar Silk Sarees in Captivating Hues

1. Red Tussar Silk Saree

Red tussar silk sarees at Ashirah by Diadem are an alluring choice for women and are best known for their rich texture and vibrant colour, combining elegance with the natural sheen and durability of the fabric.

2. Ivory Semi Tussar Silk Saree

Our ivory semi tussar silk saree enchants everyone with its lustrous, lightweight fabric and elegant ivory hue, exuding timeless sophistication and versatile charm for any occasion.

3. Light Green Semi Tussar Silk Saree

Light green semi tussar sarees from Ashirah Silks offer a serene and sophisticated look, perfect for women who want to embrace both timeless elegance and modern grace.

4. Peach Semi Tussar Silk Saree

Ideal for parties, our peach semi tussar silk sarees boast a mesmerizing hue. Its refined and soft texture makes it the right fit for any special event, like evening parties and receptions.

5. Sandal Semi Tussar Silk Saree

The sandal semi tusaar silk saree's natural hue captivates with its warmth, complementing various skin tones. Crafted from semi tussar silk, it reflects luxury and elegance effortlessly.

Tips to Maintain the Longevity of Tussar Silk Sarees

Dry Cleaning: Trust dry cleaning for the safe maintenance of delicate handwork and colours.

Sunlight Protection: Store in a cool, dark place to prevent colour fading.

Soft Storage: Use breathable fabric covers instead of plastic to prevent moisture buildup.

Gentle Handling: Fold with care to avoid creases and minimize hanging to preserve shape.

Avoid Chemicals: Apply perfumes and deodorants before wearing them to prevent damage to Tussar silk sarees.

Ironing Precaution: Place a cotton cloth over it before ironing with low heat.

Avoid Sharp Objects. Prevent snags and tears by keeping away from sharp items.

Buy the Best Tussar Silk Sarees Online at Ashirah by Diadem

Explore an exquisite array of pure Tussar silk sarees from Asshirah by Diadem, designed to captivate the attention of saree enthusiasts. Our collection boasts a diverse selection of patterns, hues, and styles, ensuring that there's something for everyone, no matter the occasion or personal taste.

From understated elegance to vibrant adornments, the versatility of our Tussar sarees available at Ashirah Silks knows no bounds. Whether you're seeking a sophisticated option for a formal affair or a dazzling piece for festive revelries, our Tussar silk sarees cater to all preferences.

Our dedication to authenticity ensures the genuineness of our Tussar silk sarees. Each saree displays the richness of Indian craftsmanship, featuring beautiful designs and intricate details that highlight our artisans's skill.

Shop conveniently online or visit our store in T Nagar, Chennai, to explore the best Tussar silk sarees (Semi Tussar silk sarees).

Frequently Asked Questions on Tussar Silk Sarees

1. Which is the best place to buy Tussar silk sarees?

Ashirah by Diadem is the best destination to purchase Tussar silk sarees online in Chennai, T Nagar. With a reputation for quality craftsmanship and authentic designs, Ashirah Silks offers a wide range of Tussar sarees (and semi Tussar sarees) that suit every taste. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction make us a top choice for saree lovers.

2. How to identify the Tussar saree?

Tussar silk sarees are identifiable by their textured appearance and natural gold sheen, crafted from pure Tussar silk. You can find an exquisite collection of Tussar sarees for women at Ashirah by Diadem at the best prices.

3. Which state is famous for Tussar sarees?

India ranks second globally in tussar silk production, with a significant portion of this silk, known as Indian tussar or tropical tussar, being cultivated primarily by tribal communities. The major producers of this Tussar silk variety are Bhagalpur, Bihar (where it's referred to as Bhagalpur silk), and the Malda district of West Bengal.

4. Is Tussar silk pure silk?

Absolutely Yes. Tussar silk is a type of pure silk known for its great texture and natural gold hue. It is produced by wild silk moths and is mainly available in India and some parts of China.