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How To Choose A Splendid Wedding Gown For Your Body Shape:

Finding a perfect wedding dress is always been a stressful task for any bride-to-be. It is really hard to choose one from such a wide range of designs and Silhouettes available today and dress fitness is a major drama when it comes to choosing the perfect one. But no need to panic, our gowns are powered by SLIMR! No matter what body shape you belong to, be it an apple, a pear or a banana you can always turn into the gorgeous hourglass shape! Here’s the ultimate guide to wedding gown selection for your body shape.

Finding a splendid Wedding Gown for Your Body Shape:

Pear Shape:

Women who have a smaller bust, fine waist, and fuller hips come in the pear shape category, you require something that draws attention to your waist and brings out your curves in a presentable way. A typical A-Line design will do just that! A princess ball-gown will brings attention to the waist and neglects your fuller bottom image with its denser fabric.

Apple Shape:

Women with fuller breasts, wide hips, broad shoulders and rounded hips are meant as an apple shape. Ruffles are the best option for you. Choose a dress that has lots of ruffles in the bodice. You can turn yourself in a flowery princess with more ruffles. More volume on the skirt of the dress will help bring your shoulders back into symmetry while framing your womanly curves.


A balanced shape with a thinner waist is the ideal shape of the hourglass structure. Though it is known as ideal perfect shape of a woman you still need to show off your terrific asset, we would recommend you to opt for a fishtail fit gown and top it with a pair of high heels to balance your figure to exquisiteness.


Body type with broad shoulders, small bust, and skinny legs comes in the category of Rectangle. With an athletic figure, it's all about creating a shape. You haven't got a defined waist so you'll need a dress that can give you curves in all the right places. Embracing the ballerina style is a definite yes since the delicate shape and hugging designs will emphasize your slim figure. Adding a belt or sash will also give you the illusion of curvy and tiny waist that prompts the hourglass structure.

Inverted Triangle shape:

Broad shoulders with flat bust and tiny waist are the attributes of triangle body shape. You will be needed to enhance your bust and give a fuller illusion in below waist. A-line dress and mermaid style can be of an ideal choice. Embrace your body shape. Every silhouette has its own advantage, be it any shape Diadem will make sure you look to the best on your big day!