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Straight Cut Suits

Straight Cut Suits

 Straight cut salwar suits are one of the few garments that beautifully accentuate the silhouette of women of all ages and sizes. Explore our collection of the best salwar suits for women at Ashirah Silks which contains all types of straight cut salwar suit designs to suffice every other taste. Buy straight cut salwars online at Ashirah Silks today to create a fashionable wardrobe for yourself!

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Visually Appealing Straight Cut Salwar Suits

It is a known fact that the visuals of straight cut salwars are out of the world, however, that is not the only reason for their immense popularity and love amongst women. Straight suits typically offer flexibility to be styled in different ways for different occasions and events to achieve a unique look from traditional to modern.  Having a balance of traditional fashion with antique motifs and prints and a modern charm with contemporary cuts and looks, straight suit sets have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe in this day and age where comfort and fashion are the most sought-after attributes of any outfit. 

Buy Straight Suit Sets at Ashirah Silks

You love to doll yourself up in straight cut churidar and we love to make doll-like straight suits - A perfect match! Isn’t it? At Ashirah Silks, we take immense pleasure in crafting the best-looking straight suits for women that feel soft against the skin, allow for easy movement and ooze a charm that is elite and graceful. 

Our collection features the latest straight suit designs that are trending among fashion enthusiasts as well as straight suit sets that carry the beauty of traditional fashion with their royal and rustic charm. Visit our stores located in T. Nagar and Nungambakkam to explore straight cut salwar kameez offered by us for a range of different occasions such as formal office wear, casual everyday wear, festivals, weddings and parties or enjoy a comfortable straight cut churidar online shopping.

Straight Cut Salwar Suit Designs

1. Chevron Straight Cut Salwar Suit Design

Chevron designs are one of the latest straight suit designs that feature zig-zag patterns that add a dynamic look and a trendy appeal to the outfit. 

2. Floral Straight Cut Salwar Suit Design

Floral straight cut salwar suit designs are one of the prettiest designs for salwars for their refreshing and feminine look perfect for mostly summer. 

3. Foliate Straight Cut Salwar Suit Design

Foliate straight cut salwar kameez designs are nature-inspired and feature leaf motifs, adding a touch of natural charm and traditional beauty ideal for both casual and festive wear.

4. Geometric Straight Cut Salwar Suit Design

Geometric straight cut salwar patterns bring in a mixture of traditional and modern fashion featuring eye-catching shapes and lines that create a contemporary look.

5. Ogee Straight Cut Salwar Suit Design

The ogee straight cut salwar kameez design is distinctive with its S-shaped curves, offering a graceful and elegant look, making them a stylish choice for any event.

6. Paisley Straight Cut Salwar Pattern

Paisley designs are one of the traditional straight cut salwar designs that look similar to the shape of a mango and offer an artistic flair to the look.

7. Tie And Dye Straight Cut Salwar Kameez Design

The tie and dye technique is one of the latest straight suit designs that are vibrant in nature and feature colourful patterns, creating a playful and refreshing look which perfect for any occasion.

Straight Cut Churidar Fabrics

1. Banarasi Straight Cut Churidar 

Straight suits for women made of banarasi fabric are a luxurious choice as they are adorned with intricate zari work and offer an elite appeal, perfect for festive occasions and weddings.

2. Cotton Straight Cut Churidar 

Cotton straight cut churidars offer ultimate comfort and breathability, ideal for everyday wear and casual outings, combining simplicity with style.

3. Organza Straight Cut Churidar 

Organza straight suits are lightweight and sheer fabric, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication that is perfect for evening events and formal gatherings. 

4. Georgette Straight Cut Churidar 

Georgette straight cut churidars are known for their ethereal look and soft feel, making them a stylish choice for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

5. Silk Straight Cut Churidar 

Silk straight cut salwar kameez exudes opulence and grace, with their smooth texture and lustrous finish, making them a timeless choice for special celebrations and weddings. 

Shop Straight Suits for Women for Different Occasions at Ashirah Silks

At Ashirah Silks, we offer a plethora of straight suits for women seeking diversity and fashion in one place for an upcoming event or occasion. Our exclusive collection of straight suits includes different types of straight cut salwar suitable for different occasions and needs for women to find the ideal one for their needs. You can shop for straight cut salwar suits for women online by exploring our range of designs for every occasion.

1. Straight Party Wear Suits

Elevate your party look with our straight party wear suits, featuring glamorous embellishments, vibrant colours, and stylish designs that ensure you stand out at the event.

2. Straight Cut Salwar Kameez for Office

For those professional girlies, straight cut churidar featuring simple prints and subtle designs are perfect everyday office wear to pull off a stylish look while feeling comfortable.

3. Straight Cut Designer Salwar Suit for Weddings

Make a memorable statement at weddings with straight cut designer salwar suits from Ashirah Silks, crafted with exquisite details and luxurious fabrics for a regal and elegant appearance.

4. Straight Suit Sets for Daily Wear

Enjoy comfort and style every day with our straight suit sets for daily wear at Ashirah Silks, offering a variety of prints and fabrics that are perfect for casual outings and events.

Buy Straight Suit Sets in Various Colours at Ashirah Silks

There is an enormous amount of straight cut churidar available in different colours at Ashirah Silks for women to have the liberty to pick the colour that beautifies their skin tone. Below are some of the best colour straight suits for women that are a trendy option for 2024:

  • Grey Straight Suit Sets
  • Blush Pink  Straight Suit Sets
  • Classy Black  Straight Suit Sets
  • Yellow  Straight Suit Sets
  • Off-White  Straight Suit Sets
  • Purple  Straight Suit Sets
  • Light Green  Straight Suit Sets
  • Cream  Straight Suit Sets
  • Peacock Blue  Straight Suit Sets

How to Choose a Straight-Cut Salwar Suit?

  • Occasion: Consider the event you’re attending—opt for embellished and vibrant designs for parties and weddings and simpler, elegant styles for office wear or daily use.
  • Fabric: Choose fabrics like silk or georgette for festive occasions, cotton for everyday comfort, and organza for a touch of sophistication.
  • Fit: Ensure the suit fits well around the shoulders and bust, with the straight cut complementing your body shape without being too tight or loose.
  • Colour and Pattern: Select colours and patterns that enhance your skin tone and reflect your personal style, whether it’s bold prints, delicate embroidery, or subtle hues.
  • Budget: Keep your budget in mind, balancing between quality and price to find a suit that offers the best value for your investment.

How to Style a Straight-Cut Churidar?

  • Footwear: Pair with traditional juttis or embellished sandals for an ethnic look, or opt for stylish heels for a more contemporary touch.
  • Jewellery: Complement with statement jewellery like chandbalis or jhumkas for festive occasions, and minimalist pieces for a refined, everyday look.
  • Dupatta: Drape a contrasting or matching dupatta elegantly over your shoulders to add grace and enhance the overall appearance.
  • Hairstyle: Let your hair loose for a sophisticated look or opt for a simple ponytail for a more casual vibe.
  • Makeup: Choose makeup that complements your outfit—go bold with bright lip colours and dramatic eyes for events, and keep it natural and subtle for daily wear.

FAQs on Straight Cut Salwars

1. How to look classy in salwar?

To look classy in a salwar, choose elegant fabrics like silk or georgette and opt for sophisticated designs with subtle embroidery or embellishments. Pair your outfit with statement jewellery, stylish footwear, and a well-draped dupatta to complete the look.

2. Are straight-cut salwars fashionable?

Yes, straight-cut salwars are highly fashionable and versatile, offering a sleek and modern silhouette that suits various body types. Their timeless appeal makes them a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary wardrobes.

3. Can I wear straight-cut salwars for any occasion?

Absolutely, straight-cut salwars can be styled for any occasion, from casual outings and office wear to festive celebrations and weddings. The key is to select the right fabric, design, and accessories to match the event's formality.

4. Where to buy straight suits online in Chennai?

Offering diverse options for straight suits in Chennai, Ashirah Silks is one of the best shops to buy straight cut salwars online for the variety and trendy salwars in a plethora of different shades.