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Girls Lehengas

Girls Lehengas


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Latest Kids Lehenga Choli

Explore the enchanting world of the latest lehenga for kids that are just as adorable as your kid. Perfect for almost all types of occasions, these modern lehenga choli for kids have become a go-to attire option to style kids in today’s time. Crafted with vibrant colours, playful patterns and delicate embellishments, these kids' lehenga merges with the innocent charms of the young ones to capture the eyes of everyone around them. Let your child shine in these beautiful lehengas for kids, adding a touch of charm and elegance to their special moments.

Buy Stylish Lehenga for Kids Online at Diadem

At Diadem, we believe in infusing both traditional essence and the charms of the latest trends which can be found in our thoughtfully crafted fancy lehenga designs for kids. Our lehenga for girl kids features a variety of styles, fabrics, designs, patterns, colours and trends, ensuring options for every taste and occasion. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, we bring you a curated selection of stylish Lehengas ranging from partywear kids lehenga to traditional wedding lehenga for kids that reflect the unique personality of your child.

Types of Lehenga for Girl Kids

  1. Ruffled Lehenga for Kids: Whimsical and playful ruffled kids' lehenga choli perfectly adds a touch of fairy-tale charm to your little one’s ensemble.
  2. Sharara Lehenga for Kids: Elegantly crafted to look flowy, the Sharara lehenga for kids bring a touch of traditional grace and modern flair to your child’s attire.
  3. Kids Lehenga with Jacket: Perfect to exude style, this stylish lehenga for kids with a jacket offers a chic and trendy look suitable to wear for special occasions.
  4. A-Line Kids Lehenga: Ideal choice for party wear lehenga for kids, the A-Line kids lehenga showcases a flattering silhouette that oozes a timeless and elegant appearance.
  5. Flared Kids Lehenga: Dazzling and glamorous is the flared modern lehenga choli for girl kids adding a sense of drama and flair that makes your child stand out in every celebration.

Kids Lehenga Designs

  1. Floral Kids Lehenga Design: Blossoming with charm, floral modern kids' lehenga designs add a hint of natural beauty to the regular kid's lehenga.
  2. Beadwork Kids Lehenga: Beadwork kids' lehenga choli designs bring a touch of sophistication to the ensemble with their intricate work and innate elegance.
  3. Embroidered Kids Lehenga Design: Timeless and detailed, embroidery designer lehenga for kids is perfect to catch the eyes with its opulent look.
  4. Sequins Work Kids Lehenga Design: Carrying a sparkling and glamorous effect, sequins work are the latest lehenga designs for kids infusing a hint of dazzle to the traditional kids lehenga.
  5. Stonework Kids Lehenga Design: Stonework lehengas are usually regarded as bridal lehenga for kids for the luxurious and elite look they exude.

Best Fabrics for Kids Lehenga Choli

  1. Net Lehenga for Kids: Being light and ethereal, net lehenga for kids adds a dreamy and elegant touch to the overall look.
  2. Chiffon Lehenga for Kids: Widely known for being flowy and graceful, the Chiffon lehenga dress for kids with its beautiful drapes offers a traditional cum youthful vibe.
  3. Satin Lehenga for Kids: rfect to catch the eyes with its opulent look.Satin lehenga choli for kids with its smooth and lustrous nature creates a luxurious appeal perfect for parties and events.
  4. Raw Silk Lehenga for Kids: Known for being rich and textured, raw silk lehenga for kids are ideal choice to achieve a traditional yet stylish look.
  5. Georgette Lehenga for Kids: Georgette fabric with its soft and versatile properties makes up the most comfortable and charming option for kidswear lehenga.
  6. Cotton Lehenga for Kids: Breathable and comfortable, cotton fabric is the perfect kid's lehenga option for casual and everyday wear.
  7. Velvet Lehenga for Kids: Plush and elegant is what the velvet fabric is largely known as which is perfect to add a regal touch to the party lehenga for kids.
  8. Organza Lehenga for Kids: Being a sheer and lightweight fabric, organza is the latest lehenga for kids bringing a delicate and ethereal look to the ensemble.

Best Colours for Kids Lehenga

  1. Chrome Yellow Lehenga for Kids: Oozing a vibrant, cheerful and playful vibe, yellow lehenga for kids have taken over all the trends in 2024.
  2. Wine Colour Lehenga for Kids: Lending a sophisticated and elegant charm, wine-coloured lehenga choli for kids are perfect for high-end events and parties.
  3. Pista Green Lehenga for Kids: The pista green kidswear lehenga offers a calming and refreshing look that enhances the subtle charm of kids' lehenga even more.
  4. Light Pink Lehenga for Kids: Light pink shades are a modern lehenga choli for kids for the soft and feminine appeal brought to the ensemble.
  5. Seal Brown Lehenga for Kids: Being warm and earthy, seal brown kids' lehenga choli brings a dashing and flawless look to the attire.

Best Kids Lehenga Choices for Different Occasions

  1. Ethnic Wear Kids Lehenga: Traditional elegance meets youthful charm in our ethnic kidswear lehenga featuring traditional and antique motifs perfect for festive occasions.
  2. Party Wear Kids Lehenga: Party wear kids' lehenga is designed to make every celebration memorable with its stylish and dazzling visual appeal.
  3. Birthday Wear Kids Lehenga: The latest lehenga for kids for birthdays embodies a perfect combination of fun and festive appeal to shine on the child’s special day.
  4. Bridal Kids Lehenga: Perfect for weddings, bridal kids lehenga features exquisite designs and details for a fairy-like appearance in lehenga.
  5. Sangeet Wear Kids Lehenga: Dancing to the rhythm of joy, kids can enjoy the sangeet celebration to the fullest with the beautiful kids' lehenga for sangeet exuding grace and charm.

How to Choose the Right Lehenga for Kids?

  1. Consider the occasion: Determine whether the Lehenga is for a wedding, festival, party, or casual wear.
  2. Size and fit: Accurately measure your child's size and choose a Lehenga that fits comfortably and allows freedom of movement.
  3. Fabric selection: Choose fabrics that are comfortable for your child's skin and appropriate for the weather and occasion
  4. Design and embellishments: Consider the design elements like embroidery, sequins, and prints based on your child's preferences and the event's theme.
  5. Colour coordination: Select colours that complement your child's skin tone and suit the occasion's colour scheme.
  6. Consult your child: Involve your child in the decision-making process to ensure they feel confident and happy in their Lehenga.

How to Style Kids' Lehenga?

  1. Accessories: Add accessories like bangles, earrings, and hair accessories that complement the Lehenga without overpowering it.
  2. Hairstyle: Opt for hairstyles that enhance the Lehenga's look, such as braids, buns, or open curls.
  3. Makeup: Keep makeup minimal and age-appropriate, focusing on a natural look with a touch of sparkle if desired.
  4. Dupatta draping: Style the Dupatta elegantly, either draped traditionally or in a modern fashion that suits the occasion.


1. Which of the kid's lehengas are trending in 2024?

Floral designs, sequin work, and ruffled Lehengas are trending for kids' lehengas in 2024, reflecting a blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

2. Where to buy kids' lehenga in Chennai?

One of the best places to buy kids' lehenga online or from the store is Diadem, located in T. Nagar and Nungambakkam offering a diverse collection of trendy and traditional options.

3. What age group do kids' lehenga cater to?

Kids' lehengas typically cater to children in the age group of 2 to 12 years, offering a range of sizes to suit different age brackets within this range.

4. What is the most comfy fabric for kids' lehenga?

Cotton, Georgette, Organza and chiffon are among the most comfortable fabrics for kids' lehengas, providing breathability and ease of movement while maintaining a stylish appearance.