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8 Must-Know Indian Groom Wedding Dress Ideas & Outfits for Grooms 2024

By Diadem

19 Apr, 2024

8 Must-Know Indian Groom Wedding Dress Ideas & Outfits for Grooms 2024

Indian weddings are a symphony of hues, woven with age-old traditions and customs. 

Amidst the whirlwind of attendees, it's the radiant charm of the groom and bride that truly sets the tone for an unforgettable celebration. 

As the bride steals the limelight in her enchanting saree or lehenga, choosing a reliable wedding outfit for grooms also demands equal importance. 

Among the various choices of Indian groom wedding outfits, some emerge as timeless classics, perfectly complementing the bride's ensemble. 

Guess where to start?

Here comes Diadem, the premier destination for Indian grooms, where you can explore a wide range of striking Indian groom wedding dress collections, from stunning sherwanis to traditional dhoti collections. 

Are you ready to master your North/South Indian groom look? 

If "yes," scroll down to gain more insights on the most modern Indian groom outfit ideas for 2024!

8 Modern Indian Groom Wedding Dress Ideas to Grab Spotlight!

1. Captivating Cream Sherwani Wedding Outfit for Groom 


Sherwani for Indian Groom | Diadem

Want to steal the spotlight as Prince Charming on your wedding day? Set your sights on our cream raw silk sherwani suit crafted by Diadem.

What's so unique about it? 

With its intricate floral embroidery, our Indian groom outfit seamlessly combines tradition and elegance, making it the ideal choice for the groom. Adding a hint of sophistication, the Mandarin collar lends an air of refinement, while the full sleeves emanate royal charm. 

Fabric Type

Made from raw silk fabric, it promises luxurious comfort, ensuring a comfortable groom dress for marriage or other prolonged wedding-based ceremonies like receptions.

Best Suited for

It suits all skin tones, providing subtle elegance and sophistication for every groom's special day. This modern Indian groom outfit is a must-have for anyone seeking elegance.

Styling Tip 

Add a touch of opulence with gold or silver accessories such as a brooch, cufflinks, or a statement watch. Avoid over-accessorising to maintain the elegance of the ensemble.

2. Splendid Sandal Jacquard Sherwani Wedding Outfit for Groom


Sherwani for Indian Groom | Diadem

Opting for our Sandal Jacquard Sherwani for the groom? Yes, it's a smart choice! You can amp up your style with the epitome of fashion with this Indian groom wedding dress from Diadem.

What's so unique about it? 

Its mandarin collar evokes regal charm and embossed details exude elegance. The charm of this outfit is further magnified by the indicated bead mala, positioning it as a standout option for weddings and other special occasions.

Fabric Type

Made of lavish jacquard fabric, it assures both comfort and grandeur in equal measure.

Best Suited for

The sherwani's sandal colour suits different skin tones, looking good on warmer or cooler undertones.

Styling Tip

For added elegance, pair this Indian groom outfit with a contrasting pocket square in rich burgundy or royal blue.

Your wedding, your style statement! Find the perfect Sherwani at Diadem and create memories to last a lifetime!

3. Striking Black Cotton Blend Coat Suit Wedding Outfit for Groom

Black Cotton Blend Coat Suit Indian Groom Outfit | Diadem

Over the centuries, Indian wedding suits have remained a pivotal wedding costume for grooms, representing timeless masculine sophistication. The enduring appeal of the black cotton blend Indian wedding suit for grooms exclusively from Diadem speaks volumes.

What's so unique about it? 

Just picture yourself in such types of wedding suits for grooms i.e., an A-Line silhouette that can easily highlight your physique and ensure a flawless fit. Perfectly paired with a matching tie and brooch, our modern wedding suit for grooms is crafted with accuracy. 

With full sleeves adding to its appeal, you'll feel every bit of the dashing groom wedding attire as you walk down the wedding hall. The asymmetric neckline adds a touch of modern flair, setting you apart from the crowd.

Fabric Type

Made of premium cotton-blend fabric, our Indian wedding suits promise not just comfort but also durability. Whether you're exchanging vows under the sun or dancing the night away, our suit will keep you feeling cool, composed, and classic.

Best Suited for

Complements various skin tones ranging from fair to deep, ensuring a flattering appearance.

Styling Tip 

To elevate your South Indian groom look, accessories include a sleek black leather belt and polished dress shoes for added charm.

4. Breathtaking Royal Blue 3-Piece Groom Suit for Indian Wedding 


Royal Blue Jacquard Three-Piece Suit for Indian | Diadem

When it comes to perfect groom wedding attire, classic black or grey Indian wedding suits are often the top choice for grooms and groomsmen alike. However, breaking away from tradition and opting for something unexpected can also be a profitable decision.

Immerse yourself in pure elegance with our Royal Blue Jacqaurd three-piece modern wedding suit for groom from Diadem, expertly tailored to elevate your groom's style to new heights on your special day.

What's so unique about it?

The appeal of our groom's outfit isn't just about its stunning colour; it's also about its impeccable tailoring and meticulous attention to detail.

Every aspect, from the sleek tuxedo fit to the collared neckline and full sleeves, is designed to enhance your presence and make a memorable impact.

Fabric Type

What separates this groom's outfit from the rest is its sumptuous jacquard fabric. Gentle to the touch yet exuding richness with its intricate texture, it reflects your impeccable taste and uncompromising style.

Best Suited for

Indian grooms with fairer skin tones find this groom dress for marriage more alluring as they feel it enhances their complexion. On the other hand, grooms with deeper skin tones can still carry off the suit with elegance.

Styling Tip

Brooch, cufflinks, pocket squares, and traditional footwear complement your ultimate groom look for Indian wedding.

Suit up for your wedding day with Diadem's mesmerising men's suits. Explore our collection and mark your mark!

5. Dazzling Dark Peach Groom Kurta Outfit for Wedding 


Dark Peach Raw Silk Kurta for Indian Groom | Diadem

Looking for something that's both fashionable and cosy? Our dark peach raw silk kurta for wedding groom, which features a matching pant and a jacquard overcoat, ticks all the boxes. Whether it's the sacred wedding rituals or the grand reception, our wedding outfit for grooms is sure to seize every eye in attendance.

What's so unique about it? 

Infused with royal charm, the mandarin collar bestows an air of majesty, enhancing the groom's presence with unparalleled grace. Coupled with full sleeves exuding poise, our ensemble epitomises enduring elegance. 

Elevating this groom's outfit to new heights is the intricate jacquard overcoat, dripping with opulence at every angle. Its lavish texture and subtle gloss cast an air of exclusivity, ensuring the groom captivates attention effectively.

Fabric Type

Crafted from the finest raw silk, it drapes flawlessly, accentuating the groom's stature and ensuring maximum comfort throughout the festivities.

Best Suited for

This Indian wedding attire for grooms suits fair to medium skin tones best. Consider the personal style and the wedding theme.

Styling Tip 

To balance the opulence of the ensemble, keep accessories refined, focusing on quality over quantity, to achieve your stunning groom look for Indian wedding.

6. Mesmerising Light Brown Groom Kurta Set for Indian Weddings


Light Brown Kurta Set Indian Groom Outfit | Diadem

When it's your wedding day, the ordinary simply won't suffice; aim for the extraordinary. Enhance your style quotient as a groom with our elegant light brown kurta set designed to excellence by Diadem.

What's so unique about it? 

Embellished with delicate flower designs and impeccably crafted, our Indian groom wedding outfit portrays elegance, ensuring you shine on your big day. Incorporating a sleek Chinese collar, this ensemble reinvents traditional style with a modern twist. Emanating a royal aura, the full sleeves guarantee comfort throughout the festivities.

Best Suited for

The warm and sophisticated light brown hue complements a range of skin tones, radiating an air of timeless elegance.

Styling Tip

To accentuate the elegance of this wedding outfit for groom, pair it with gold accessories for a regal look.

Ready to dazzle at weddings? Explore Diadem's stunning Kurta sets for an unforgettable charm. Shop now!

7. Graceful Gold Full-Sleeve Shirt & Dhoti Groom Outfit for Wedding


Gold Plain or Semi-Silk Full Sleeve Shirt with Dhoti for Indian Groom | Diadem

Wearing a dhoti along with a full-sleeve shirt has been part of the South Indian groom wedding dress option. Opting for gold plain, or semi-silk full-sleeve shirt with matching dhoti from Diadem has significant cultural value and is deeply rooted in Indian culture.

What's so unique about it? 

The slim fit design ensures a flattering silhouette, highlighting your physique with grace and style. The collared neckline reflects a refined aura, adding a touch of suavity to your overall groom look.

The detailed zari embellishments available on this groom wedding attire demonstrate your profound appreciation for skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Embrace the allure of tradition with full sleeves that gently drape down your arms, capturing the essence of ceremonial splendour and joyous gatherings.

Fabric Type

The semi-silk fabric envelops your skin, offering a sensation of pure bliss with every motion, while the golden hue shines with grandeur and opulence.

Best Suited for

Skin tone isn't strict for traditional attire. Choices rely on preference, cultural significance, and occasion, not skin tone.

Styling Tip

Coordinate dhoti and shirt colours, accessorise with gold, wear traditional footwear, groom well, and exude confidence.

8. Traditional White Dhoti & Shirt Wedding Groom Outfit


White Traditional Dhoti & Shirt for Indian Groom | Diadem

Get your classic look of tradition with our stunning traditional white pure silk dhoti and a shirt set exclusively from Diadem. It's meticulously crafted for a timeless appeal, making it an ideal Indian groom outfit.

What's so unique about it? 

With a slim-fit cut, our ensemble ensures a sleek and tailored silhouette, highlighting your body in all the best ways.

Featuring a collared shirt and full sleeves, this outfit achieves the ideal harmony between timeless Indian tradition and trendy style.

Fabric Type

The standout feature of this Indian groom wedding dress is its sumptuous silk fabric, which elevates your style with a luxurious feel. Smooth to the touch and subtly shiny, it drapes gracefully, lending an air of lavishness to your groom's outfit.

Best Suited for

This traditional groom wedding attire suits various skin tones flawlessly.

Styling Tip

Enhance the elegance by accessorising with gold accents and traditional footwear, completing your South Indian groom look with grace and confidence.

Get wedding-ready with Diadem's elegant Dhoti Sets! Shop today and shine on your special day!

6 Quick Steps to Nail Your Indian Wedding Groom Attire

1. Know the Ceremony Type

Understand whether it's a traditional, modern, or fusion wedding. Make sure your groom wedding attire aligns with the wedding theme.

2. Research Styles 

Explore traditional Indian groom wedding outfit styles such as Sherwani, Dhoti, Kurtas, and Suits. Look for inspiration from Diadem, your ultimate groom fashion destination in Chennai.

3. Accessorise Wisely

Enhance your South Indian groom look with accessories like a safa (turban), mojris (embroidered shoes), and a statement necklace or brooch.

4. Grooming for Groom 

Pay attention to grooming details like hairstyle, beard, and skincare routine. A well-groomed appearance complements your wedding groom attire.

5. Let your Personal Style Shine

Customise your Indian groom wedding dress to reflect your unique taste while complementing your life partner.

6. Experiment with Different Looks

Try out different designs for each wedding event, starting with simpler outfits for pre-wedding functions and saving the most embellished look for the main event.

Clueless what to wear to your wedding? Get the best ideas from 8 different types of wedding dresses to amp up your wedding look. Read our blog now!


So, there you have it—our comprehensive guide to Indian groom wedding dress ideas. We hope that you're now equipped with Indian groom outfit ideas that can win instant attention. 

Guess where to shop?

Diadem is right here with a solution, and we offer an unparalleled collection of exquisite groom wedding outfits, ranging from classic sherwani to contemporary Kurta ensembles. 

With our unwavering commitment to 100% purchase protection and personalised assistance from our expert crew, you can shop with confidence knowing that your investment is safe and your vision for the big day becomes a reality. 

Make your groom wedding attire journey extraordinary with Diadem

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