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Top 10 Sherwani Designs For Grooms for this Wedding Season 2024

By Diadem

22 Mar, 2024

Top 10 Sherwani Designs For Grooms for this Wedding Season 2024

When it comes to weddings, brides have plenty of options, but grooms often struggle with selecting the perfect attire. Nowadays there are wide range of outfits available for grooms. However, the most popular wedding outfit is Sherwani; nothing can beat its style and elegance. With its timeless charm and intricate designs, sherwani continues to be the popular choice among men. 

But with so many different styles and designs, choosing the perfect sherwani can be a daunting task. To make things easier, we have curated the top 10 sherwani designs to nail your wedding look. With this, we also talk about the origins, types and styling ideas to make you look grand. So, let's get started!

Origin of Sherwani

The Sherwani has a rich and diverse origin deeply rooted in Indian history. Originating from the Mughal era, especially during the reign of the Mughal emperor, Akbar, in the 18th century. The sherwani draws inspiration from a traditional Persian robe known as “Achkan”. Initially introduced as a court dress, over the years, the sherwani has evolved and become the symbol of regal elegance and sophistication.

Top 10 Sherwani Designs for Groom


Embroidered Sherwani Design

Cream Raw Silk Sherwani Suit Adorned with Floral Embroidery, Paired with Brooch and Bead Mala

Most of the embroidered sherwani for men come in different styles and designs, crafted with different weaving techniques. It exudes regal charm and modern elegance and is perfect for wedding occasions. Explore our latest sherwani designs for groom’s wedding occasions exclusively at Diadem. 

Floral Sherwani Design

Light Peach Raw Silk Sherwani Suit Adorned with Floral Threadwork Embroidery, Paired with Bead Mala

Floral sherwani stands out as one of the top 10 sherwani designs due to its perfect blend of comfort, style and tradition. This sherwani adds an attractive look to your wedding events with its floral prints. Try our vibrant floral embroidered sherwani collection to grace your wedding or any other occasion.

Silk Sherwani Design

Cream Raw Silk Sherwani Suit with Floral Threadwork Embroidery, Paired with Bead Mala

Crafted from silk fabric, this silk sherwani epitomes luxury and sophistication. With a rich texture and lustrous sheen, this sherwani exudes timeless charm. Embellished with intricate embroidery and fine detailing, this sherwani from Diadem is a perfect choice for your wedding celebrations and formal occasions.

Raw Silk Sherwani Design

Ivory Raw Silk Sherwani with Floral Threadwork Embroidery, Paired with Bead Mala

Indulge in timeless elegance with our opulent raw silk sherwani, meticulously crafted to elevate your wedding look. Handcrafted from premium raw silk fabric, this sherwani exudes a rich texture and luxurious sheen for a captivating wedding entrance. Buy this beautiful wedding sherwani for groom from Diadem and create lasting memories on your wedding day.

Printed Sherwani Design

Pista Green Raw Silk Printed Sherwani Suit with Beaded Mala and Brooch

Elevate your wedding with our exquisite printed sherwani. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this printed sherwani features intricate prints that add regal charm to your wedding look. If you are looking for a perfect and sophisticated look on your wedding day, then try this captivating printed sherwani.

Jacquard Sherwani Design  

Sandal Jacquard Sherwani Suit Adorned with Embossed Details, Paired with Bead Mala

Among the top 10 sherwani designs, jacquard sherwani is renowned for its elegance, royalty and uniqueness. Made from the royal jacquard fabric, this sherwani is perfectly paired with bead mala, designed to make you the epitome of grace and sophistication on your special day. The floral design with embossed detailing shows intricate craftsmanship that exudes charm and elegance on your occasion.

Indo-western Sherwani Design

Men's ethnic wear has come a long way, offering a vibrant array of options for the modern groom. Now they prefer asymmetric and multi-layered indo-western sherwani designs. This versatile sherwani can be paired with various options like dhotis, salwars, churidars, or even trousers, making them perfect for any groom's style. When it comes to colours and patterns, floral designs and light shades are trending the most, offering a refreshing and sophisticated look for the modern Indian wedding.

Jodhpuri Sherwani Design

If you are prepping for your wedding function, then Jodhpuri sherwani is the best sherwani for groom. You can traditionally pair this sherwani with pyjamas. For a touch of elegance, add a matching stole. Complete the look with a safe and cufflinks in a coordinating colour scheme.

Achkan Sherwani Design

Step into the realm of timeless sophistication with our achkan sherwani. This meticulously trimmed and fitted sherwani offers a sharp, contemporary look that flatters any groom. With delicate embellishments and rich fabric, this sherwani ensures you make a grand statement on your occasion.

Bengali Sherwani Design

It's time for Bengali grooms to make a style statement. Look dapper and sophisticated on your wedding day with a timeless Bengali sherwani. Crafted for the discerning groom, this exquisite outfit combines tradition with modern flair to create a truly unforgettable wedding look.

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How to Choose the Best Sherwani Designs for Different Occasions?


1. Formal Weddings & Receptions: 

If you opt for elegance and grandeur then choose sherwanis in rich fabrics like silk or velvet in colours like pink, ivory, rose or green. Minimal or intricate embroidery with zari work or stone accents adds a touch of sophistication.

2. Engagement Ceremonies & Daytime Weddings:  

Pastel colours like light blue, peach, or pink in fabrics like brocade or linen create a festive yet elegant look.

3. Sangeet & Mehndi Functions:  

Embrace the vibrant energy!  Sherwanis in bold colours like red, blue, or teal paired with printed or heavily embroidered motifs reflect the celebratory mood. Ethnic fabrics like silk or jacquard add a distinctive touch.

4. Parties:  

Experiment with modern twists on the classic sherwani. Sherwanis in Indo-Western styles with a slimmer fit, bold colours, or unusual fabrics like linen or cotton can make a statement.  You can pair them with contrasting churidars or even formal trousers.

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How To Select The Perfect Wedding Sherwani Designs?


By considering these factors, you can choose the best sherwani designs that are suitable for any occasion, allowing you to celebrate in style and comfort.

Body Type: 

Sherwanis come in various styles and choose the one that flatters your figure. For example, a straight-cut sherwani elongates a slimmer frame, while an A-line cut offers a more balanced look.


Even the top 10 sherwani designs will fail if it is not comfortable, so select a fabric that breathes well, especially for warmer climates. Diadem’s range of wedding sherwani for the groom is designed carefully to ensure that you’ll look and feel your best on your big day.

Personal Style: 

Don't be afraid to express yourself! While tradition is important, there's room for individuality. Choose details like embroidery or colour that reflect your personality.


Sherwanis are a timeless and regal option for grooms. But with different fabrics, colours and styles to choose from, you may have a few questions. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about sherwani,

1. How To Choose The Right Wedding Sherwani For Groom?

Consider the wedding theme, your style, and what makes you feel confident. Diadem offers the  latest and best wedding sherwani designs that cater to every taste and budget, with a variety of colours, fabrics, fits, and styles. At Diadem, you have expert designers who will guide you through the process of finding the perfect sherwani for your wedding. 

2. What fabrics are best for a comfortable sherwani?

The comfort of a sherwani depends on the fabric material used. If you prioritise breathability and a lightweight feel, opt for cotton linen. For a balance of comfort, consider raw silk and jacquard.

3. What is the best colour combination for sherwani?

The best colour combination depends on your occasion, preferences and skin tone. For classic and timeless style, you can choose ivory and navy blue. For modern and trendy designs, you can opt for bold colours like ash and sandal. Cooler shades are preferred for sherwanis for grooms during summer, while warmer shades are for winter.

4. What is the ideal length of sherwani for the groom?

The ideal length of a Sherwani depends on personal preference and body type. Generally, a sherwani should reach just below the knees to create a balanced and proportionate look. Comfort is paramount when choosing the wedding sherwani for groom. The length can be adjusted according to the groom's height and the occasion. Diadem offers a variety of designer sherwanis online for the groom, with different lengths and styles.


When it comes to sherwanis, these top 10 sherwani designs have a diverse range of options to suit your style and preferences. From regal embroidery to modern sophistication, these sherwani designs can add elegance, style and regal charm to your special occasions. With these top sherwani 10 designs as inspiration, embark on your wedding journey and discover the sherwani that best expresses your unique style and cultural heritage.

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