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Kids Sherwanis

Kids Sherwanis

Introducing the newest trend in the children's fashion realm: Kids Sherwani. Diadem emerges as the premier choice for parents seeking high-quality kids sherwani for their little ones. Our captivating regal attire merges cultural heritage with modern aesthetics and is crafted from premium fabrics, ensuring your little one steals the spotlight at every celebration. Make every moment special for your little one by exploring our enchanting collection of boys' sherwanis available in a variety of sizes.

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Buy Best Kids Sherwani Online 

If you dream of dressing your little one in princely attire, look no further than Diadem. Mirroring several features of the grown-up version, our kids sherwani for boys is thoughtfully tailored to suit your child's physique and is offered in sizes ideal for young boys. Dressing up for special occasions becomes a delightful experience for your boys with our children sherwani, a garment that can be worn time and again. Explore our diverse range of sherwani for kids, including newborn baby sherwani (6 months to 1 year) as well as different age categories.

Why Choose Diadem for Kids Sherwani?

Alluring Fabric Options & Embellishments

Elevate your little one's style with our exclusive range of kids sherwani, creatively adorned with embossed embroidery, floral designs and prints, sequins, threadwork embroidery, jal design zari work, brocades, and other decorative elements. 

Our online lineup of kids sherwanis features lightweight and breathable fabrics such as silk, raw silk, velvet, jacquard, and more, ensuring your child stays stylish and relaxed in his sherwani outfit.

Superior Quality Standards 

While exploring our range of sherwani for kids, rest assured that we uphold rigorous quality standards. Our unwavering commitment to top-notch quality extends to every aspect, ensuring that our collection of kids sherwani and all other attire is crafted from high-quality fabric to prioritize children's comfort and well-being.

Exceptional Client Service and Craftsmanship 

Our attentive customer service team is available round the clock to answer your queries regarding kids sherwanis. If you're looking for the best sherwani design for boys and impeccable craftsmanship, Diadem is your ultimate choice, as all our kids sherwani collections reflect the rich heritage and tradition of Indian attire.

Affordable Pricing 

When shopping at Diadem, you can enjoy purchasing premium-quality sherwani for boys at budget-friendly rates. Understanding the ongoing demand to update children's wardrobes as they grow, we strive to make parents' shopping experiences hassle-free and economical.

Best Boys Sherwani Colours from Diadem 

Light Orange Kids Sherwani

Our light orange sherwani for boys captivates with its playful yet sophisticated colour, elevating your child's style with grace and charm.

Off-White Kids Sherwani

With its pristine off-white hue, our kids sherwani imparts a sense of purity, impeccably enhancing your child's allure.

Blue Kids Sherwani

Wrapped in Diadem's blue sherwani for kids, your little one effortlessly captures attention, exuding charisma and tradition with a modern twist.

Gold Kids Sherwani

The richness of Diadem's gold sherwani for wedding functions or other special occasions adds a touch of royalty to your child's appearance, leaving a lasting impression.

Baby Pink Kids Sherwani

The subtle allure of Diadem's baby pink sherwani enhances your child's cuteness, making our boys sherwani design shine with adorable elegance and grace.

Our Exclusive Kids Sherwani Collection for Different Occasions 

Kids Sherwani for Wedding Seasons

Our stylish selection of kids sherwani for wedding functions steals the spotlight during wedding festivities, renowned for its impeccable fit and ability to infuse your child's look with a unique and striking appearance.

Kids Sherwani for Dussehra and Navratri

Opting for our gorgeous Sherwani for boys is a win-win decision for you as a parent, as your child’s attire looks great. Our collection of sherwani for kids not only elevates your child's look but also deepens their appreciation for our Indian culture and tradition.

Kids Sherwani for Diwali Festivals

Diwali, a time of joy and illumination, fills hearts with positivity. As everyone dresses in traditional outfits to honour the culture, consider adorning your child in our magnificent kids sherwani design to add to the Diwali splendour.

Kids Sherwani for Pongal/Harvest Festival

Pongal, the auspicious occasion celebrated in south India, symbolizes the spirit of gratitude. As families come together to rejoice in the harvest, dressing up your little one in a traditional sherwani outfit adds an extra layer of splendour to the celebration.

Kids Sherwani for Eid-al-Fitr

On the joyous occasion of Eid, dress up your child with our enticing and special sherwani for boys that embodies modern sophistication—a minimalistic yet impactful dressing choice that reflects cultural authenticity while lending a trendy look.

What Are the Best Methods for Maintaining Kids Sherwanis?

  • Dry Clean: Don't attempt to wash your kids sherwani at home to prevent fabric and embroidery damage. Dry cleaning is the safest method due to its delicate nature and intricate embellishments.
  • Avoid Using Deodorants or Perfumes: When your child wears his sherwani outfit, ensure he avoids spraying perfumes or deodorants directly on it. Certain chemicals might cause a reaction with the fabric or decorations.
  • Proper Storage: Make use of a garment bag to store your kids sherwani and protect it from dust and moisture. Be careful not to fold or hang it on sharp edges to prevent creases or embroidery damage.


1. Which is the most popular colour in sherwani for boys?

For summer occasions, boy sherwani dresses in neutral shades are the go-to, while in winter, colour options like red, black, and maroon are more apt.

2. Can kids wear jeans alongside a sherwani outfit?

As our collection of sherwani for boys is formal ethnic attire, it's best suited with jeans, but you can also pair it with dhotis, churidar pyjamas, or straight trousers.

3. Can boys opt for casual footwear alongside a sherwani outfit?

Sherwani for boys in casual settings can be complemented with either loafers or Kolhapuri sandals.

4. For what occasions is it suitable to dress my son in kids sherwani?

Sherwani for boys is the ideal choice for big events like weddings, formal gatherings, or traditional festivals like Diwali and Pongal.

5. What factors require attention when buying a sherwani set for kids?

Prioritise comfort and git by assessing the children sherwanis' size, design, colour, and material.

6. What material is commonly used for a kids sherwani set?

Raw silk and silk are among the top choices for fabric when it comes to a kids sherwani dress code.