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21 Lehenga Dupatta Styles and Unique Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehenga

By Diadem

30 Apr, 2024

21 Lehenga Dupatta Styles and Unique Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehenga

Lehenga has become one of the most sought-after wedding attire for its regal allure and sophistication, giving every bride a true elegance on her special day. Apart from weddings, lehengas can be worn for various occasions with different lehenga dupatta draping styles and techniques. 

How to Wear Lehenga Dupatta in Different Styles?

For those trying to figure out, different ways to wear dupatta on lehenga, today in this blog, we’re going show you some of the most stylish and unique dupatta draping styles for lehenga including modern and bridal lehenga dupatta styles that will make you stand out from the crowd and steal the spotlight.
Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Different Ways to Wear Dupatta on Lehenga 

1. Classic Shoulder Drape 

One of the traditional lehenga dupatta styles, this lehenga dupatta style involves draping the dupatta over both shoulders equally, allowing it to fall evenly on either side. It’s a timeless and elegant look, often preferred for traditional occasions.

Source: Pinterest

2. One-Shoulder Drape 

In this lehenga dupatta draping style, one end of the dupatta is taken over one shoulder while the other end is allowed to flow freely or can be pinned on the opposite side of the waist. It gives a contemporary twist to the traditional attire.

3. Pleated Front Drape

The dupatta is pleated neatly and draped across the front of the torso, with the ends pinned at the waist on one side. This lehenga-wearing style highlights the intricate work on the dupatta and adds a regal touch to the outfit.

Source: Pinterest

4. Saree Style Lehenga Drape

Inspired by the way a saree is draped, this lehenga shawl draping style involves pleating the dupatta and wrapping it around the waist, then taking one end over the shoulder. It blends the elegance of a saree with the richness of a lehenga.


5. South Indian Lehenga Drape

This style is characterized by draping the dupatta in a way that is typical of South Indian bridal attire. The dupatta is draped over one shoulder with one end tucked into the waistband at the back, while the other end is allowed to fall gracefully over the arm or back, resembling the traditional half saree lehenga dupatta style. 

South Indian Lehenga Drape

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Modern Lehenga Dupatta Style 

6. V-Shaped Lehenga Drape

The dupatta is folded in half diagonally to form a triangle and then draped over both shoulders, creating a V-shape at the front. This lehenga choli draping style is flattering and adds symmetry to the outfit.

Source: Pinterest

7. Cape Style Lehenga Drape 

Instead of draping the dupatta traditionally, this stylish dupatta draping style for lehenga includes pinning the dupatta at the back of the blouse covering the shoulder on both sides and allowing it to fall like a cape on the back. This style is dramatic and works well for contemporary or fusion looks.

Cape style lehenga duppatta

8.  Brooch Lehenga Dupatta Style 

This modern lehenga dupatta style encompasses a brooch, which is used to secure the dupatta in place, often at one shoulder or on the chest. This adds a touch of elegance and can be a practical way to keep the dupatta in place while dancing or moving around.

Source: Pinterest

9. Netted Dupatta Pinned Over Blouse

We’ve heard you asking how to wear net dupatta on lehenga?, simply wear the net dupatta over the lehenga and pin it over the blouse or choli, allowing the intricate design of the blouse to peek through. It creates a visually stunning effect, showcasing the beauty of both the blouse and the dupatta.


Netted Lehenga Dupatta Drape

10. Jacket Lehenga Dupatta Style 

In the jacket style lehenga dupatta drape, the ends of the lehenga dupatta are elegantly pleated from the back to the front in short lengths on both sides, resembling the look of a stylish jacket. This unique draping technique adds a contemporary twist to your ensemble, creating layers and dimension.


Source: Pinterest

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Bridal Lehenga Dupatta Style 

11. Lehenga Choli Dupatta Drape 

This bridal lehenga dupatta style involves draping the dupatta over both shoulders but letting one end fall diagonally across the body, adding a playful asymmetry to the outfit. 

Lehenge Choli Dupatta Drape

12. Double Lehenga Shawl Drape

Among the different ways to wear dupatta on lehenga, this unique style involves draping two dupattas instead of one. One dupatta is draped over the shoulders in a traditional manner, while the second one is wrapped around the arms like a shawl or stole, adding layers and volume to the outfit.

Double Lehenga Drape

13. Bridal Lehenga Dupatta Drape

This lehenga dupatta draping style for brides is typically extravagant and ornate, with the dupatta draped heavily over the head or shoulders, often embellished with intricate embroidery, beads, or sequins. It's designed to make the bride look ethereal and regal on her special day.

Bridal Lehenga Dupatta Drape

14. Pakistani Style Lehenga Dupatta Drape

In this new style of lehenga draping, the dupatta is draped over both shoulders, and one end is allowed to fall freely in the front while the other end is draped over the head or pinned on one shoulder, creating a graceful and modest look commonly seen in Pakistani bridal attire.

Source: Pinterest

15. Gujarati Lehenga Shawl Drape

The Gujarati lehenga shawl draping draws inspiration from traditional Gujarati saree, where the pallu is draped in the front instead of over the shoulder. Ideal for the upcoming Navratri season, this draping technique infuses your look with a festive spirit and captures the essence of Gujarati traditions with grace and elegance.

Source: Pinterest

16. Anarkali Style Lehenga Dupatta Style

Inspired by the flowing silhouette of Anarkali suits, this suit-style lehenga dupatta draping involves pleating the dupatta and draping it over one shoulder, with one end pinned on the other shoulder. It gives a royal and feminine look to the attire.

Anarkhali Style lehnage dupatta style

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Unique Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehenga 

17. Around the Waist from Back and Freefall

In this modern lehenga dupatta style, the dupatta’s one end is wrapped around the waist from the back and the other is allowed to fall freely in the front, creating a cascading effect. It adds movement and drama to the outfit, especially when the dupatta has a contrasting colour or heavy embellishments.

Source: Pinterest

18. High Veil Lehenga Dupatta Style

The veil-like dupatta lehenga draping style exudes elegance and sophistication. Drape the dupatta over your head and shoulders, allowing it to cascade down like a veil, adding a touch of romance to your ensemble. Perfect for weddings and formal events, this style captures timeless beauty with a hint of mystique


Source: Pinterest

19. Wrist Wrap Lehenga Dupatta Style 

In this unique dupatta draping style for lehenga, the shawl is wrapped around one wrist and allowed to flow freely, creating a striking visual effect. It's a contemporary and fashionable way to accessorise the lehenga, for night parties to sizzle. 

Wrist Wrap Lehenga Dupatta

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20. Dupatta Draped with Waist Belt

Adding a waist belt to the lehenga ensemble gives it a modern and structured look. The dupatta can be draped over one shoulder or both, and the waist belt cinches the waist, adding definition to the silhouette. This lehenga dupatta setting has become a common type in festive occasions and Indian weddings. 

Source: Pinterest

21. Lehenga Dupatta Over Neck 

This lehenga dupatta wearing style involves draping the dupatta over the neck like a scarf, allowing it to fall freely in the front. It's a contemporary and relaxed way to wear the dupatta, often seen in casual or semi-formal gatherings. In this style, you can be carefree about your lehenga dupatta being in place, as it flows with nonchalance.


We hope exploring the diverse range of lehenga dupatta draping styles offers endless possibilities for elevating your lehenga look on your special day. From classic shoulder drapes to innovative lehenga-wearing styles, there are countless ways to adorn your lehenga with elegance and flair. Whether for weddings, festivals, or special occasions, experiment with different ways to wear the dupatta on lehenga and embrace your individuality.


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FAQs on Lehenga Dupatta Styles 

1. What are the different ways to drape a Lehenga dupatta?

Lehenga dupattas can be draped in various styles including Shoulder drape, Gujarati style, and modern front drape, etc.

2. What fabrics are commonly used for Lehenga dupattas?

Silk, chiffon, georgette, and net are popular choices for Lehenga dupattas due to their lightweight and flowy nature.

3. Can I wear a Lehenga dupatta differently for various occasions?

Absolutely! You can style your Lehenga dupatta differently based on the occasion. Opt for a more traditional drape for weddings and festivals, while a casual shoulder drape works well for semi-formal events.