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Silk Sarees

Silk Sarees

The luxurious silk saree designs at Ashirah Silks are renowned for their opulent texture and masterful craftsmanship. Whether donned for weddings or festive occasions, our beautiful silk sarees consistently radiate enduring grace and convey a sense of refinement. Explore our collection:

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Pure Silk Sarees: A Heritage Woven with Love and Tradition 

Every Indian woman's collection includes a pure silk saree, representing grace and prosperity, a textile art that was brought to India years ago. 

The art of weaving trending silk sarees has been handed over to our skilled weavers and artisans, each sharing their unique techniques. 

From Kanchipuram silk saree designs to Pochampally silk fabric sarees, every variation at Ashirah by Diadem in Chennai is skillfully crafted using diverse methods. 

The broad selection of our latest silk sarees allows one to adorn them for all sorts of occasions, be it weddings, parties, traditional gatherings, or daily wear. 

Different Types of Silk Sarees for Modern Women  

From classic weaves to modern designs, our new silk saree collection at Ashirah Silks caters to the varied preferences of our customers. Below, we'll explore some of the unique types of silk sarees from our collection that have captured women's fashion preferences:

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees     

Emerging from the cultural hub of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, our Kanchipuram silk saree models, mostly known as the Kanjivaram sarees, are a masterpiece crafted from the finest mulberry silk thread intertwined with pure zari. 

Our latest pure silk sarees feature elaborate borders, elegant stripes, and intricate checks, embellished with motifs reflecting the beauty of nature, such as birds and flowers.

Banarasi Silk Sarees    

With roots tracing back to Banaras (now Varanasi), Uttar Pradesh, our Banarasi silk fabric sarees are fashioned from pure Katan silk, embellished with motifs evoking the grandeur of Mughal artwork, resulting in a regal and enduring allure.

Chanderi Silk Sarees    

Chanderi silk sarees, born in the heart of Madhya Pradesh in the town of Chanderi, are celebrated for their slight stiffness, making them an ideal option for formal affairs. Embraced for their lightweight and translucent material, they exude ease and sophistication.

Discover the Latest Colour Trends in Silk Sarees at Ashirah Silks 

When choosing a pure silk saree, it's quite essential to pick the right colours. Whether you lean towards striking colours or gentle pastel tones we’ve a wide range of new silk saree collections you can choose from: 

Red Silk Sarees    

With their striking allure, our red silk saree models exude festivity and command instant attention, seizing the attention of the crowd. It's the ultimate choice for those who want to make an impression.

Green Silk Sarees  

Opting for our green silk saree design adds an auspicious touch to ceremonies and rituals. With various shades of green available, lighter hues are ideal for daytime events, while darker tones complement evening occasions.

Yellow Silk Sarees  

Looking out for sarees for aged ladies or youth? We’ve got you covered! Women of any age can don our yellow silk fabric sarees, making them a versatile choice, especially for daytime wear.

Blue Silk Sarees  

Anytime, anywhere, our blue silk sarees reign supreme in their versatility, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of wearers, whether the occasion is held daytime or nighttime.

Best Occasions to Wear Silk Sarees and Stun Everyone  

Adorn Our Silk Sarees for Weddings to Celebrate in Style  

Make a statement on your wedding day with our premium silk sarees exclusively at the best silk saree shop in Chennai - Ashirah by Diadem. You can shop online or visit our showroom at T Nagar, Chennai, to find a beautiful array of the latest pure silk sarees that reflect your charm.

Elevate Your Birthday Party with Our Silk Saree Models    

Step into your birthday evening with elegance by adorning yourself in our beautiful silk sarees from Ashirah by Diadem. Our latest pure silk saree collection offers a range of silk sarees in various patterns and colours that align with every skin tone.

Shine on Your Graduation or Farewell Day in Silk Sarees   

Make your farewell day or graduation day more memorable with a touch of tradition. Shop online at Ashirah by Diadem for stylish farewell silk sarees that will make you stand out beautifully on your special day.

Top Styling Tips for Pure Silk Fabric Sarees  

Dispelling the myth that silk sarees are too formal, it's time to embrace their versatility. 

  • Pair your silk fabric saree with a fashionable blouse to strike the perfect balance between trendy and sophisticated. 
  • Opt for a thick brocade or Banarasi silk blouse to infuse your plain silk saree with some vintage charm and grace. 
  • Whether you prefer heels or traditional flats, ensure your footwear choice complements your ensemble seamlessly. 
  • Let your jewellery selection be guided by the silk saree and blouse neckline, enabling your unique personality and sense of style to shine through.

Explore the New Model Silk Saree Collection Online at Ashirah Silks   

At Ashirah by Diadem, we embrace womanhood through every style, design, and shade. Explore our luxurious and best silk saree collection, ensuring a timeless charm for every occasion and event. 

Clearly stated prices, high-resolution images, and detailed descriptions of pure silk sarees on our website make your shopping process easy. 

Why wait? Visit our store today to experience the allure of our exclusive silk saree collection! 

Frequently Asked Questions on Silk Sarees     

Where can I find high-quality silk sarees online in Chennai?   

If you're searching for original silk sarees at reasonable prices, look no further than Ashirah by Diadem. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we redefine silk sarees online shopping, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase. 

Which type of silk saree is trending right now?   

Pure silk sarees at Ashirah by Diadem are always in style, considering their simple drape and comfortable fabric feel. You can find various trending silk sarees on our online platform, including Banarasi Silk Sarees, Art Silk Sarees, etc.

How do I store silk sarees?   

To store silk fabric sarees, fold them with acid-free tissue paper to prevent creasing, and place them in a cool, dry place in a breathable cotton bag. It's advisable to avoid plastic.

How do I select silk sarees for a wedding?  

When selecting silk sarees for weddings, prioritise quality, vibrant colours, and intricate designs to ensure elegance and timeless beauty on your special day. Ashirah by Diadem has the best collection of silk sarees that can elevate your bridal look with ease.