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Best Saree Shops in Chennai & Top Saree Boutiques & Stores in Chennai

Best Saree Shops in Chennai & Top Saree Boutiques & Stores in Chennai

Trends might come and go but one garment that has stood the test of time regardless of the evolution and modernity in the fashion industry is the ever-charming sarees. Sarees are charmers not just because they carry authentic and traditional elements but because they can be styled in so many different ways to blend both traditionality and modernity. 

However, only the right saree made of quality fabrics, intricate work and craftsmanship can create a breathtaking look while offering a comfy experience. And famous saree shops in Chennai offer just that! In this blog, we will be discussing the best saree shops in Chennai to ease your shop hunt. We will be covering everything from the shops offering the latest saree collection in Chennai to the top saree brands in India with a loyal following for their admirable saree collection. So without further ado let's dive right in!

Best Saree Shops in Chennai

How long has it been since you have had a truly memorable and fulfilling experience of saree shopping in Chennai? Long enough to not even remember? Then you might have to give a second thought to your choices of shops for purchasing sarees. There are several saree shops in Chennai that can surpass your expectations and leave you with not even a single regret. 

1. Ashirah Silks - Best Saree Shops in T Nagar, Chennai

Carrying a burning passion for touching lives and winning hearts, Ashirah Silks in T. Nagar offer a collection of sarees in Chennai that is close to absolutely nothing. The passion for fashion, comfort and elegance is reflected in each of the sarees, making Ashirah Silks one of the best saree shops in T. Nagar, Chennai.

At Ashirah, we understand the rising demands and changing preferences of modern women and weave sarees that not only showcase our expertise but infuse a sense of confidence, grace and subtle charm into the overall look. For those looking for the ultimate T. Nagar saree shop, Ashirah Silks is your place - If you can name it, you can have it with us. 

Location: 80, Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Rd, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017.

Timings: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Contact Number: +91 89390 16666

Online Shopping: Available

2. Diadem - Best Saree Shops in Nungambakkam, Chennai

Diadem is yet another gem of a saree boutique in Chennai offering an exquisite collection of sarees ranging from luxurious designer sarees to authentic Kanjivaram sarees. Featuring motifs both from ancient times and those trending now, Diadem is one of the best saree shops in Nungambakkam, Chennai that can beautifully merge modern-day fashion with the traditional charm. 

With years of witnessing and experiencing the fashion industry and its continuous evolution, Diadem has come to the understanding that fashion is not merely mimicking the trend but injecting a sense of individuality and uniqueness into each piece. With that in mind, we are proud to be one of the best saree brands and designer saree shops in Nungambakkam, taking over the Chennai saree market by storm.

Location: 144, Nungambakkam High Rd, Gemini Flyover, opp. to The Park Hotel, opposite Park Hotel, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006. 

Timings: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Contact Number: +91 89390 16666

Online Shopping: Available

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Shops for Online Saree Shopping in Chennai

If you are someone who just doesn’t like the idea of going your way out to shop for sarees in offline stores then online shopping is for you. We all know online shopping is fun, enjoyable and most importantly comfortable. One can sit in the comfort of their house and explore endless saree collections available in different parts of the world, place orders and buy them. However, not all saree shops in Chennai offer this comfort and can be guaranteed for genuineness. But Ashirah Silks with N number of orders being placed online and sarees shipped to different parts of the world understands the need to transition to the online platform considering the newly emerging customer preference. 

After understanding the change in the mode of shopping, we at Ashirah Silks have ensured everyone and anyone wanting to buy a saree without wanting to visit the store experiences a saree shopping experience in Chennai that is nothing less than perfect. Online saree shopping in Chennai is made easy at Ashirah Silks as it is easy to navigate different saree pages, place orders, choose colours and different saree types etc. If you are looking for seamless online saree shopping in Chennai, then we are humbled to inform you that Ashirah Silks is the best online saree shopping site in Chennai

Best Silk Saree Shops in Chennai

It takes a lot to be a good saree shop in Chennai but it takes everything to be the best. Ashirah Silks by Diadem located in prime locations such as T. Nagar and Numgambakkam with years of dedication and passion for truly offering an exceptional variety of sarees in Chennai has marked its spot at the top as one of the best silk saree shops in Chennai

Catering to diverse silk saree preferences from authentically made pure Kanjivaram sarees and Banarasi sarees to Patola and Pochampally sarees, Ashirah Silks’ collection carries the essence of trends, a hint of ancient charm and the beauty of modern fashion. The sophisticated saree collection, dedicated staff, and expert designers, altogether make Ashirah Silks one of the best pattu saree shops in Chennai.

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Best Designer Saree Shops in Chennai

If you are looking for the best designer saree shops in Nungambakkam, T. Nagar or Chennai in general, then Ashirah Silks by Diadem is the ultimate destination for you to check out. Offering an extensive designer saree collection in Chennai that features intricate designer work and embellishments, Ashirah Silks stands tall as the best designer saree shop in Chennai

Gone are the days when designer sarees were meant only sarees with heavy embellishments and works and were worn for high-end events alone. Now with the changing landscape of the fashion industry, designer sarees have moulded themselves to fit diverse fashion needs and themes of different occasions and events with subtle prints and works. Whichever your vision is - a simple designer saree with an ethereal charm or a heavily embellished designer saree with a luxurious look, at Ashirah Silks, being one of the top saree brands in Chennai for the diverse and latest collection,  you are bound to find both. 

Best Kanjivaram Saree Shops in Chennai

Who wouldn’t love a Kanjivaram saree made authentically by skilled artisans in the most ancient way preserving the traditional techniques and charm? We believe nobody! At Ashirah Silks the pure Kanjivaram silk saree is just what you dream of - authentic, features traditional motifs but stays intact with modern trends. Being one of the best Kanjivaram saree shops in Chennai for years now, Ashirah Silks by Diadem is located strategically in T. Nagar - a hub for saree shopping in Chennai and Nungambakkam. 

A diverse array of colours, trending designs and prints that reflect the undeniable charm, elegance, grace and grandeur of Kanjivaram sarees is what you will see at Ashirah Silks - a Kanjivaram Saree Shop in Chennai known for luxury and endless options.

Best Cotton Saree Shops in Chennai

Popularly known as one of the best saree boutiques in Chennai, the cotton saree collection at Ashirah Silks by Diadem is nothing short of a treat to behold, buy and wear. Providing a plethora of cotton sarees in different varieties, types, shades and tones, Ashirah Silks has gone on to become one of the best cotton saree shops in Chennai

Comfort and style are the utmost priority of Ashirah Silks, our cotton saree collection truly embodies the beauty of sarees while also being breathable and lightweight to allow women to enjoy fashion without dreading itchiness. Known as the cheapest and best saree shop in Chennai, Ashirah Silks’ cotton sarees exude class, feel soft against the skin and have a fashionable look.


So these were the best saree stores in Chennai, with their A-game in fashion, design and extensive collection. Catering to the distinct and diverse demands and needs of today’s women, these brands are the best place to buy sarees in Chennai. Whether you are someone who loves to experience offline saree shopping in Chennai or someone who loves the comfort of their home and would rather go for online saree shopping in Chennai, Diadem and Ashirah Silks are the go-to shops for you!

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1. Which shop is best for silk sarees in Chennai?

Diadem & Ashirah Silks located in prime locations of the city such as T. Nagar & Nungambakkam are the best silk saree shops in Chennai having a variety of different silk sarees from Kanjivaram and Banarasi to pure silk sarees and blended ones. 

2. Which is the most famous saree in Chennai?

Kanjivaram silk sarees are widely treasured and celebrated saree in Chennai for the authenticity and traditional charm they bring along with their grand and sophisticated nature. The intricate designs, expert weaving techniques and limitless varieties make Kanjivaram sarees the best sarees in Chennai for anyone looking for regionally famous sarees. 

3. Where to buy all types of sarees in Chennai?

One-stop destination to buy all types of sarees in Chennai is Ashirah Silks by Diadem - a famous saree shop in Chennai known for its extensive saree collection, diversity, trendiness and authenticity. Whether you are looking for sarees for everyday wear, office, wedding, or party, at Ashirah Silks you will find the best match for your needs.